Dragon Age 4 Still Happening, But It’s A Long Time Away From Release

BioWare continues to work on Dragon Age 4, but don’t expect it to release anytime soon. Electronic Arts CFO Blake Jorgensen said on an earnings call that Dragon Age 4 is likely still two or more years away from releasing.

He said fans can expect to play Dragon Age 4 after Fiscal Year 2022. That period runs from April 1, 2021 through March 31, 2022, so fans shouldn’t expect Dragon Age 4 until April 2022 at the very soonest. Jorgensen said “plans are underway for that product,” which makes it sound like it’s still early days for Dragon Age 4.

After much speculation, Dragon Age 4’s first teaser was shown during The Game Awards in December 2018. A brief teaser trailer showed some slow pans across artifacts, and a hashtag that likely hints at a central story figure. It read, “The Dread Wolf Rises.”

In a 2018 blog post, BioWare’s Mark Darrah confirmed that Dragon Age 4 has been in the works for “quite a while.” Some of the “core” team that worked on the previous Dragon Age games are back for the new one, while BioWare’s plan is to “push BioWare’s storytelling to the next level.”

Dragon Age 4’s creative director is Matthew Goldman. He said BioWare has put together its “strongest team yet” to work on the new Dragon Age. He called it the “most epic quest ever.”

Dragon Age 4 may not be the only title BioWare is working on right now, as Jorgensen added that BioWare has other titles in the works, though he did not name them.

The Dragon Age franchise hasn’t seen a new release since 2014’s Dragon Age: Inquisition. That game was well received and it was a commercial success.

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Red Dead Redemption 2 On PC: Get $4 To $50 Back On Your Pre-Order (NA)

Red Dead Redemption 2 is finally coming to PC. In fact, it won’t be too long until you’re able to jump in and live the wild west life of Arthur Morgan, as it releases next week. There are plenty of ways you can pre-order Red Dead Redemption 2 on PC, but the most interesting option for those in the US and Canada might just come from digital games retailer Green Man Gaming.

When you pre-order Red Dead Redemption 2 on PC at Green Man Gaming, you get a bonus code for a spin of the site’s Wheel of Credit. The Wheel of Credit will net you at least $4 of credit, but if you’re lucky like me, you could hit the largest amount of $50. Yep, I can’t believe I actually got that much either.

See Red Dead Redemption 2 (PC) at Green Man Gaming

After spinning, you’ll get a voucher code that can be redeemed for a gift card. You just need to add a gift card of the same amount to your cart and then put your code into the designated spot–once you do that, you’ll get the gift card for free. On its FAQ page, Green Man Gaming notes the code will eventually expire. We’ve reached out to clarify what the expiration date is and will update this story with that information.

The FAQ also lists your chances of getting each prize.

  • $4 – 93%
  • $5 – 3%
  • $10 – 2%
  • $20 – 1%
  • $50 – 1%

In GameSpot’s Red Dead Redemption 2 review, the game earned an impressive 9/10.

“While Red Dead Redemption was mostly focused on John Marston’s story, Red Dead 2 is about the entire Van der Linde gang–as a community, as an idea, and as the death rattle of the Wild West,” wrote critic Kallie Plagge. “It is about Arthur, too, but as the lens through which you view the gang, his very personal, very messy story supports a larger tale. Some frustrating systems and a predictable mission structure end up serving that story well, though it does take patience to get through them and understand why. Red Dead Redemption 2 is an excellent prequel, but it’s also an emotional, thought-provoking story in its own right, and it’s a world that is hard to leave when it’s done.”

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Despite Loot Box Controversy, EA’s Star Wars: Battlefront Games Are Hugely Successful

The Star Wars: Battlefront series from Electronic Arts is a tremendous commercial success, despite all the hullabaloo about loot boxes and microtransactions. The publisher confirmed in its latest earnings report that the 2015 Star Wars: Battlefront and its 2017 sequel Battlefront II have combined to sell 33 million copies.

No details were provided about how the sales numbers break down by title. However, EA did disclose earlier that Battlefront II sold 9 million copies over its first three months in 2017, which compares to 13 million copies sold for the first Battlefront over its first quarter in 2015.

With both Battlefront games now combining for 33 million sales, it seems the titles performed very well after their initial releases.

EA caught a lot of flak over how Battlefront II allowed players to buy loot boxes–which contained items that affected gameplay–for real money. This controversy led to a global discussion about loot boxes, and various lawmakers around the world began looking into best practices. In the United States, the ESRB has begun to place stickers on game boxes to inform purchasers about whether or not a game has loot boxes. Additionally, Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo have announced plans for further disclosures about loot boxes.

33 million in sales for both Battlefront games is a huge number, but it only begins to describe how much money the games are bringing in. Battlefront II got rid of loot boxes, but the game does have numerous microtransactions available for players, and EA’s live services–which cover these microtransactions–are booming at the publisher right now.

Impacting the profitability of the Battlefront games is the fact that EA must pay Disney/Lucasfilm a licensing fee. Terms of EA’s deal with Disney are unknown, however.

There is no word yet on if EA will make Star Wars: Battlefront 3, though given the success of the first two games that seems likely. The franchise is developed by DICE, which is making a next-generation Battlefield title and another mysterious title.

EA’s next Star Wars games is Jedi Fallen Order, which launches on November 15 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. This game is not expected to be as popular as either Battlefront title, as EA is modeling sales of 6-8 million copies during its launch quarter.

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EA Is Adding A Mystery Sports Game To Its Lineup, Let’s Guess What It Is

Electronic Arts is the biggest publisher of sports video games in the world, and the company is looking to expand even further. The publisher confirmed in its latest earnings report that it will add another sports game to its catalogue in the next fiscal year.

In fiscal 2021 (April 1, 2020 – March 31, 2021), EA will “add at least one more sports title to our annual slate,” the company said in a release.

Management added in prepared remarks that these new sports games might be developed for upcoming next-generation consoles coming from Sony and Microsoft. “New consoles are always an opportunity to drive more innovation in our EA Sports games, as our fans are eager to begin experiencing a new generation of play,” EA said.

There is no indication as to what the new EA Sports titles might be. EA already makes officially licensed FIFA, NFL, NHL, and NBA video games. EA recently canceled NBA Live 20, though the company said it continues to work with the NBA on a next-gen basketball game to be released later.

EA formerly published the Tiger Woods series of PGA Tour golf games, and later made Rory McIlroy PGA Tour in 2015 after EA and Woods parted ways. That game did not resonate very strongly, and EA hasn’t released a PGA Tour game since. In 2018, the PGA Tour announced that it granted HB Studios the license to make PGA Tour games, though EA remains involved in some capacity.

Another dormant sports franchise at EA is the UFC series. The latest release was 2018’s EA Sports UFC 3. In April this year, UFC commentator Jon Anik let slip that EA Sports UFC 4 was in the works, though this has yet to be confirmed.

Another franchise that could be primed for revival at EA is the NCAA series. EA made college sports games for years before it stopped due to lawsuits and other matters involving former players. Just recently, the NCAA announced that student-athletes can profit off their names and likenesses, which seemingly paves the way for EA’s NCAA series to return.

It’s also possible that EA has a new sports game in the works that no one is expecting or that it is an arcade-style game or something else completely. Keep checking back with GameSpot for the latest.

If I was a betting man, I’d put money down that EA is talking about EA Sports UFC 4 here given it was already hinted at. Another strong candidate is a college sports game, given the recent NCAA changes and EA’s statement that it wants to return to making them. What sports game do you want to see EA add to its lineup? Let us know in the comments down below.

It’s not just a new sports game that EA is working on to fill out its portfolio. In the earnings report, EA also confirmed that Motive Studios, the team that worked on Battlefront II‘s story mode and a canceled Star Wars game, is making a new IP.

Battlefield developer DICE has “new projects” in the works, including a next-generation Battlefield game. Additionally, BioWare, Maxis, and Criterion are all working on new games.

from GameSpot – Game News https://www.gamespot.com/articles/ea-is-adding-a-mystery-sports-game-to-its-lineup-l/1100-6471004/

Persona 5 Royal Takes Over Shibuya In Real Life To Celebrate Its Launch In Japan

The reimagined, revamped version of Persona 5 has officially launched in Japan, and developer/publisher Atlus went the extra mile in letting people know it’s out there. Along with a launch day livestream, a modified version of Persona 5 Royal‘s opening cinematic took over multiple screens at the iconic Shibuya Crossing. It’s life imitating art, as the Phantom Thieves have a knack for hijacking the huge screens of their fictional Shibuya during pivotal moments in the game.

You can watch an on-the-ground video of this happening in a tweet from the official Japanese Persona Twitter account:

The Twitter fan account Persona Spain also clipped the moment from the livestream’s angle, which you can see below:

Here’s a photo from the ground that shows another angle of what it looked like at Shibuya Crossing:

P5R has a slew of additional content like a whole new palace, new social events, an extra semester in the story’s timeline, additional battle mechanics, more activities during free time in Tokyo, My Palace mode, new characters, new endings…it’s wild.

The new character, named Kasumi Yoshizawa, plays an immense role in P5R, and her presence drastically changes the way events of the original game play out. Not only is Kasumi woven into the existing story beats, but she has her own narrative arc that adds more to the story. You can learn more about her in my breakdown of Kasumi’s first character trailer.

I’ve been following Persona 5 Royal closely, and you can get up to speed with my earlier P5R trailer breakdown and explainer of P5R’s new features. Persona 5 Royal is set to launch exclusively on PlayStation 4 in the West in Spring next year.

from GameSpot – Game News https://www.gamespot.com/articles/persona-5-royal-takes-over-shibuya-in-real-life-to/1100-6471000/

Nioh 2 Releases March 2020, Open Beta Begins This Weekend

Team Ninja has announced the release date for Nioh 2: March 13, 2020. If you’re itching to try out the game earlier than that, an open beta will begin this weekend.

“I know many of you have been waiting and we thank you for your patience while we worked to set an official date,” Team Ninja producer Fumihiko Yasuda wrote in a blog post. “One of the primary reasons for not rushing to set a launch date was to ensure that we can achieve a genuine evolution from Nioh, which to us meant that we needed to bring in fresh new elements while retaining the things that we felt were right from the first game.”

From November 1-10, you’ll be able to download Nioh 2’s open beta from the PlayStation Store. You don’t have to sign up anywhere–all players can jump in and experience Nioh 2’s character creator, environments, and new weapons (like the Switchglaive).

The open beta begins in a safe zone where you’re able to test out the attack patterns of different weapons. “This place [the Interim] was designed and based on the Tibetan Buddhist concept of intermediate, transitional state between life and death,” Yasuda wrote. “I’m actually very fond of the environment we created which is modeled after the Sanzu river surrounded in tranquility (similar to the River Styx from Greek mythology).”

From there, you can move on to one of Nioh 2’s levels, a location that’s based on Sunomata castle. If you can beat it before the open beta ends, you’ll earn The Mark of the Demon Slayer–which will reward you with a special helmet to wear in the game when it officially comes out next March.

Pre-orders for Nioh 2 are officially live, starting today. If you’re still on the fence about buying the game early, PlayStation Plus members can download the original Nioh for free starting November 5–a deal that will continue through the month.

from GameSpot – Game News https://www.gamespot.com/articles/nioh-2-releases-march-2020-open-beta-begins-this-w/1100-6470998/

Get $500+ Worth Of Game Development Ebooks For $10

Making video games is hard. The beautiful landscapes, the engaging combat, and the stories that stick with us for years all came from hard-working and talented individuals who spent years honing their craft. As someone who has tried making a small-scale game themselves, it can seem like a steep uphill hike trying to learn game development. It can also be expensive, but if you’re looking to learn, then digital games retailer Fanatical has a great deal on some game development ebook bundles.

Fanatical is offering several ebook bundles, many of which relate to game development and other forms of programming and web production. You can take a look at a selection of some of the best below or head over to Fanatical to see them all.

See all ebook bundles at Fanatical

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Unreal Game Development bundle – up to 25 ebooks for $15

The first is a Pick-and-Mix bundle on Unreal game development. You can add up to 25 ebooks for only $15 USD or less, a huge savings if you take a look at the prices of some of these books. You can also get one book for $1.29, five for $5, or 10 for $7.

See Unreal bundle at Fanatical

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Unity Game Development bundle – 15 books for $10

The second bundle is a 15-book package on the Unity game engine. The price of all of those books combined is $547.85, but Fanatical is offering the bundle for $10.

See Unity bundle at Fanatical

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Blender Computer Animation bundle – 15 books for $10

There’s also a bundle for the 3D modeling and animation program, Blender. Fanatical is offering similar savings with 15 ebooks for $10.

See Blender bundle at Fanatical

Fanatical’s Halloween sale is also in full swing with over 1,000 deals on some spooky (and not-so-spooky) games. Plus, use coupon code SCREAM666 for an additional 6.66% off at checkout. One of the standout discounts is Resident Evil 2 for $26.40, which is even cheaper than it is in Steam’s Halloween sale. However, that deal is only available until October 31 at 9 AM PT / 12 PM ET. Other games featured in the sale include Mortal Kombat 11, Lego DC Super Villians, and the Hitman 2 expansion pass.

from GameSpot – Game News https://www.gamespot.com/articles/get-500-worth-of-game-development-ebooks-for-10/1100-6470999/

Nioh 2 launches on March 13, 2020; open beta details and pre-order information

Nioh 2 launches on March 13, 2020; open beta details and pre-order information

Nioh 2 launches early next year.

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PS Plus November 2019: New Free PS4 Games Announced

November’s free games for PlayStation Plus subscribers have been revealed, and it’s one of the best months in a while. Subscribers will get the challenging action game Nioh as well as the terrifying horror game Outlast 2.

Nioh is set in fictional feudal Japan and puts you in the shoes of William Adams who–in-game and in real life–is the first Western samurai. Its gameplay is very comparable to the Dark Souls series, with challenging combat, huge open levels, and big bosses that will likely kick your butt. Our Nioh review scored it a 9/10 and called it an “effective and engrossing spin on Dark Souls-inspired combat and exploration.”

Gigantic bosses can cause dread, but the second PS Plus game inspires pure terror. Outlast 2 is a first-person trek through one terrifying area after another. After a helicopter accident, your wife goes missing in a creepy remote region that’s full of disfigured cultists looking to murder anyone they find. Equipped with your trusty camcorder, you must utilize its night-vision and recording functionality to sneak, survive, and save your wife. GameSpot’s Outlast 2 review compared the game to “a ride through a really amazing haunted house,” scoring it a 7/10.

Both games join the PS Plus lineup on November 5. Once they’re available, you can add them to your basket and checkout. After that, they’re yours to keep for as long as you’re subscribed to PlayStation Plus.

Of course, there’s still some time left for October’s PlayStation Plus offerings, so if you haven’t claimed the free games for this month, then make sure to do so before time runs out. The Last of Us Remastered and MLB The Show 19 are available to claim until November 5.

If you’re also subscribed to Xbox Live Gold, then be sure to check out the free Games With Gold for November 2019.

PS Plus free games for September 2019

Available November 5 – December 3

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Black Friday 2019: Xbox One Bundles, 4K TVs, And More Early Deals At Costco

It’s barely Halloween, and retailers are already gearing up for the blowout sales of Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2019. The first official Black Friday ad has been spotted at Costco, which will be offering deals throughout most of November and into early December. The best gaming deals seem to be reserved for Black Friday itself, but you can find some nice discounts on gaming laptops, desktops, 4K TVs, and other tech starting as early as November 7.

Costco’s main draw, of course, is its year-round low prices available to members, who can take advantage of even steeper price drops during Black Friday. Non-members can shop on Costco.com, but note that there’s a 5% surcharge for non-members. You can, however, sign up for a Costco membership (which is $60 a year) to try it out and cancel at any time for a full refund.

In the meantime, keep scrolling to see some of the best deals across gaming and tech that will be available at Costco ahead of and during Black Friday. You can also check out the full 31-page ad below at Costco Insider. Please note that for some of the Xbox bundles, only the discount has been announced, not the actual price you’ll pay, and members can sign in to see some prices.

See Costco’s full Black Friday 2019 ad

Best Black Friday deals 2019: Costco

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Xbox One X 1TB bundle with LucidSound LS31 LE Gaming Headset

$130 off | Online only

Start date: November 24

See at Costco

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Xbox One S All-Digital Edition with 3 months of Game Pass Ultimate

$80 off | Online only (members only)

Start date: November 24

See at Costco

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Xbox One X 1TB bundle with extra controller

$100 off | Available in-store and online (members only)

Start date: November 24

See at Costco

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Xbox One S 1TB bundle with two controllers and 3 months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate

$100 off | Available in-store and online (members only)

Start date: November 24

See at Costco

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TCL 65″ Class 6 Series 4K UHD TV

$600 ($700) | Available in-store and online

Start date: Nov. 28 (online), Nov. 29 (in-store)

See at Costco

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Lenovo Legion Y545 15.6″ Gaming Laptop

$1,000 ($1,200) | Available in-store and online

Start date: Nov. 28 (online), Nov. 29 (in-store)

See at Costco

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Dell XPS 15 4K Touchscreen Laptop

$1,849 ($2,300) | Online only

Start date: November 22

See at Costco

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LG UltraGear 27″ Class 1080p Gaming Monitor

$180 ($250) | Available in-store and online

Start date: November 22

See at Costco

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Sony Bluetooth Noise-Canceling Headphones

$130 ($200) | Available in-store and online

Start date: November 22

See at Costco

from GameSpot – Game News https://www.gamespot.com/articles/black-friday-2019-xbox-one-bundles-4k-tvs-and-more/1100-6470990/