A “More Radical And Immersive” Version Of Ghost Recon Breakpoint Is Coming

Following Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Breakpoint’s “very disappointing” sales, Ubisoft has officially detailed some plans to bring the looter-shooter into a more stable form of play, confirming it has “a lot of work” to do.

Ubisoft said its vision for Ghost Recon Breakpoint is to provide players with “a gritty and authentic military experience.” To do this, the company is working on “a more radical and immersive version” of the looter-shooter that will allow you to “tailor your experience.” There’s nothing set in stone on this front, but Ubisoft said it will “keep [players] updated as we progress.”

The first order of business revolves around technical issues. Ubisoft is aware of the numerous bugs and glitches players have encountered since Ghost Recon Breakpoint launched on October 4 for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. And as such, the company is preparing to release two separate updates for the looter-shooter in November that will “[focus] on the most pressing issues.” These include fixing Drone deployment, changing the fire rate, addressing night vision googles blocking crosshairs, and patching the Mission Completion notification pop-up.

Though the company hasn’t provided any definitive release dates for the game’s post-launch content, Ubisoft is “dedicated to supporting Ghost Recon Breakpoint in the long term with plenty of post-launch content and special events to keep the world constantly growing and evolving.” This includes December’s Project Titan raid and the Terminator live event, which launches sometime following the raid.

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Ubisoft is also making changes to Ghost Recon Breakpoint’s in-game economy, stating that adjustments are being made to ensure “the experience for players [is] more comfortable.” Ubisoft hasn’t specified what these changes are or when these changes will be implemented.

Elsewhere in the blog, Ubisoft has once again confirmed that AI teammates will make a return in Ghost Recon Breakpoint. With some of the other plans taking precedent, the company admitted that “adding back AI Teammates to the game is a major undertaking that will still require time.” No release date has been given for when AI teammates will appear.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint has received a fairly lukewarm reception since its launch earlier this month. Alongside a myriad of critics who scored the game lower on the scale, we gave the looter-shooter a 4/10, saying, “It’s essentially every Ubisoft open-world game rolled into one, failing to excel in any one area or establish its own identity. Breakpoint is a messy, confused game and a ghost of the series’ former self.”

from GameSpot – Game News https://www.gamespot.com/articles/a-more-radical-and-immersive-version-of-ghost-reco/1100-6470929/

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