Amazon Games’ MMO New World Will Launch May 2020

At The Game Awards, a new trailer for the upcoming open-world MMO New World was revealed–Amazon’s first large-scale online game–took to the stage to announce that the game will launch May 2020. Developed by Amazon Games Studios, formerly Double Helix Games, New World is set in a high-fantasy setting taking inspiration from the age of exploration in North America from the 17th century. Set on a mysterious island known as Aeternum, you play as settlers venturing to establish a foothold and uncover the mysteries of what happened in this strange land filled with undead monsters and relics of an ancient civilization.

It’s been a while since we last heard from New World. Earlier this year, we got the chance to get an early look at the game, which showcased much of the game’s exploration, combat, and base-building mechanics. According to the developers in an interview before the reveal at The Game Awards, they wanted to retool mechanics of the game following an extended alpha test period. With its release coming to Amazon and on Steam, the developers want the game to be available to as many players possible.

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In familiar MMO fashion, you’ll take your created character and venture forth into the land, exploring the different open-world regions at your leisure. While MMOs mostly have you take part in group-oriented tasks, you can tackle much of your adventures on your own, which includes taking on quests, exploring dungeons, and crafting goods. But if partner up with others, you can take part in large-scale conflicts with up to 100 players fighting on a battlefield or engaging in siege-combat. By forming companies with other players, you can build strongholds in different regions of Aeternum.

In a press release, vice president of Amazon Games stated the following: “We want our players to feel the depth—and the danger—of New World from the moment they step onto the shores of Aeternum in May 2020. Our team has been working tirelessly to create a deep, immersive world that delivers challenges and surprises at every turn, and we’re so excited to reveal a bit more of it today.”

It’s also important to note that Amazon Games Studios has another MMO in the works, which will be set in the realm of Middle Earth. Announced last July, this Lord of the Rings MMO will be free-to-play and will be developed by Leyou Technologies and Athlon Games.

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