Apex Legends Black Friday Sale Offers Limited-Time Skins And Loot Box Discounts

Apex Legends is getting in on the Black Friday spirit over the weekend, offering up some limited-time skins and discounts for Apex packs. The Apex Legends Black Friday Offers are worth checking out if you love collecting in-game skins.

The Laughing Fool Legendary skin for Octane will be available until November 30, and costs 1800 Apex Coins. It dresses Octane up like a harlequin clown, and you can also nab a matching skin for the Flatline rifle. This weapon skin is available from November 30 until December 3, and will also set you back 1800 Apex Coins. Wattson’s new look, the Dinomite skin, puts dinosaur patches and patterns onto her clothes. It costs 1000 Apex Coins, and is available from now until December 3.

Three discounted Apex Packs collections are also available over the weekend, and are each limited to one purchase per customer. For 1000 Apex Coins you can nab two Legendary Apex Packs, which will reward you with Legendary loot. For 2000 Apex Coins you can get 25 Apex Packs, and for 5000 coins you can nab a huge 70 Apex Packs. 1000 Apex Coins will cost you $10, with additional bonus coins offered if you buy them in bulk, or you can earn coins in-game.

At the end of this sale, on December 3, an Apex Legends update will increase the level cap to 500. If you’ve been away for a while, the recently added Firing Range will help you practice with all of the game’s guns before you jump back in.

from GameSpot – Game News https://www.gamespot.com/articles/apex-legends-black-friday-sale-offers-limited-time/1100-6471783/

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