Apex Legends May Be Going Back To Kings Canyon For Halloween

Though Respawn has yet to confirm the information but recent datamine leaks point to Apex Legends‘ upcoming Halloween-themed event being fairly extensive. Perhaps the biggest surprise is the apparent return of Kings Canyon, Apex Legends’ original map, which has since been replaced by Season 3’s World’s Edge.

According to dataminer Shrugtal, the limited-time event, Fight or Fright, will allow you to participate in a game mode called Shadowfall that will take place on a nighttime version of Kings Canyon. In this new mode, you drop solo into a free-for-all. But death isn’t the end, as dying brings you back with enhanced speed and melee damage. So depending on how well you do, your endgame objective for the mode changes. The last 10 survivors win by ensuring at least one of them makes it to a dropship that spawns at the end of the match, while the infected win by killing all of the final 10 survivors before they can make the ship.

Like previous events, Fight or Fright will offer unique limited-time challenges to complete alongside the traditional weekly and daily challenges–providing a way to earn special Apex Packs that include thematic cosmetic skins for guns and characters. On Twitter, That1MiningGuy has datamined most of them, including an heirloom for Lifeline.

Given the Halloween theme, the character skins are all fairly spooky. Gibraltar, Crypto, Mirage, Wraith, Lifeline, Bangalore, Bloodhound, and Caustic all dress up in Halloween costumes as Frankenstein’s monster, Dracula, a cowboy, a witch, a zombie, a skeleton, a scarecrow, and a clown respectively. Octane and Wattson dress up too, but just in Halloween-themed garb, not an actual costume. If the datamine is accurate, Pathfinder seems to not get a skin for the event.

Respawn has already teased a Halloween-type event is coming to Apex Legends, so it’s probably only a matter of time before the datamined information is confirmed to be true or false. While waiting for confirmation, there’s plenty of new content to unlock in Season 3: Meltdown’s battle pass, a brand-new map to explore, and a new character to try.

from GameSpot – Game News https://www.gamespot.com/articles/apex-legends-may-be-going-back-to-kings-canyon-for/1100-6470379/

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