Apex Legends Season 3’s New Map Revealed In Trailer

Though a cinematic video, the Apex Legends Season 3 trailer does confirm that the battle royale game is getting a new map. You can see the Legends battle it out on the new map in the trailer, which is embedded below, alongside newcomer Crypto–who develops a friendly rivalry with Mirage.

“Welcome to World’s Edge, a new Apex Legends map where molten heat and chemical ice collide,” the trailer’s description reads. “Join our cast of Legends–including the newest Legend, Crypto–on the dropship as they’re whisked from Planet Solace towards World’s Edge on Planet Talos.”

World’s Edge was initially teased via Crypto’s first in-game appearance during Season 2, in which he invaded Kings Canyon to hack the computers in Singh Labs. Upon being discovered, the hacker flees, but not before the computer he’s been working on reveals he’s trying to find a way to visit a location only known as “World’s Edge.”

In the trailer, we see the Legends contending with both ice and fire environmental hazards, although Octane manages to use some water geysers to launch himself up into the air. We also see a city-like, urban area and a moving train. Whether all these elements make it into the actual game remains to be seen, as Respawn has advertised actions in Apex Legends’ cinematic trailers that you can’t actually achieve in-game.

Regardless, a new map is huge for Apex Legends. The battle royale game has been limited to one map since its launch–although, admittedly, it’s an exceptionally well-structured battlefield–so World’s Edge presents a drastic change. Based on the trailer, it seems like the Legends have been moved to this map while the Syndicate finishes fixing Kings Canyon (Crypto destroyed a portion of it at the start of Season 2), so World’s Edge may be the only map you can play in Season 3. We’ll have to wait and see.

Apex Legends is availble on Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

from GameSpot – Game News https://www.gamespot.com/articles/apex-legends-season-3s-new-map-revealed-in-trailer/1100-6470169/

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