Apex Legends Season 3’s New Weapon, The Charge Rifle, Is Changing

Apex Legends Season 3: Meltdown introduces a bunch of changes into Respawn’s battle royale game, including a brand-new map, playable character, battle pass, and weapon. The new weapon, the Charge Rifle, has had a pretty major impact on the game, offering a way to deal high amounts of damage from afar. Respawn seems to agree with some of the complaints levied at the Charge Rifle for being too powerful because the developer is planning some weapon balance changes.

On the Apex Legends Trello page, you can see all of the quality-of-life changes that Respawn has planned or is just keeping track of for its battle royale–one of which is balancing changes for the Charge Rifle. Respawn isn’t clear about how the weapon is changing, only that the Charge Rifle balance “is not where it should be” and that adjustments are “incoming.” Respawn typically implements updates for Apex Legends on Tuesdays–like the upcoming Halloween-themed Fight or Fright event–so we could see changes to the Charge Rifle as soon as October 15.

Currently, the Charge Rifle is one of the strongest sniper rifles in the game. So on a large map like World’s Edge, one that encourages long-range encounters, it’s one of the best options you can have in your arsenal. The weapon initially fires a small laser that does moderate damage before shooting a much stronger beam that does considerable amounts of damage. It’s probably one of the best weapons to use if you’re playing as new character Crypto, because its lack of bullet drop and fairly fast fire rate allows you to quickly snipe at opponents you spy with your drone.

Looking through Trello, there are a few other notable changes scheduled for Apex Legends as well. Respawn is planning to implement an option to keep the deathbox UI open while taking damage, for example, allowing you to go back to the way the UI used to work prior to Season 3 if that’s what you prefer.

Perhaps most intriguing is a patch to add the option to spend Legend Tokens to re-roll your daily challenges. Between all three in-game currencies, Legend Tokens are the one that most players have in excess, only spending them to buy new playable Legends. Having the option to use them to get new dailies would be a huge boon for those working through the battle pass who occasionally get challenges tied to characters they never play or don’t own.

from GameSpot – Game News https://www.gamespot.com/articles/apex-legends-season-3s-new-weapon-the-charge-rifle/1100-6470497/

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