Avengers Game Reveal Confirmed For E3 2019

Square Enix has detailed when it plans to show off more of its Avengers game. As the name indicates, the game is based on the Marvel property and, it has been confirmed that we’ll learn more about it during Square Enix’s E3 2019 press conference on June 10 at 6PM PT. The tweet announcing the date indicates that the game may simply be called “Marvel’s Avengers.”

The Avengers Project was initially announced in January 2017, with Tomb Raider developer Crystal Dynamics and Deus Ex studio Eidos Montreal attached to it. Although the announcement provided very little in detail–something that has remained unchanged thus far–it did lay some of the foundations for its narrative.

In the original teaser, a voice narrated, “They say the time of heroes is over. That if you’re ‘different,’ you’re dangerous. But I know the truth. The world will always need heroes. We just need to reassemble.”

Thor’s hammer, Captain America’s shield, and Iron Man’s hand were shown, but they had clearly been through many battles and looked damaged. The tagline “reassemble” suggests the Avengers may have gone their separate ways, for some reason, and in the game will be brought back together to save the planet.

“The Avengers project is being designed for gamers worldwide and will be packed with all the characters, environments, and iconic moments that have thrilled longtime fans of the franchise,” read a press release from Square Enix. “Featuring a completely original story, it will introduce a universe gamers can play in for years to come.”

In January 2018, a full year after it was first announced, Crystal Dynamics provided an update on development, after it was noticed that the team was staffing up with ex-Naughty Dog and Visceral Games developers.

“We’re committed to delivering an incredible, completely original Avengers experience to our gamers, and that means we are always looking to add amazing developers to our existing best in class studio talent,” Crystal Dynamics co-head Scot Amos said.

In August 2018, it was confirmed that a new Crystal Dynamics studio situated in Bellevue, Washington was focusing on technology development and work on The Avengers Project.

from GameSpot – Game News https://www.gamespot.com/articles/avengers-game-reveal-confirmed-for-e3-2019/1100-6467224/

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