Battlefield 5 Firestorm Battle Royale Gameplay Detailed In New Trailer

Battlefield 5 is getting the long-awaited arrival of its battle royale mode Firestorm next week, and DICE has released a new trailer (above) along with a ton of details on the mode. The 64-player mode has some recognizable battle royale elements, but with a distinct Battlefield flavor.

As detailed in a series of extensive blog posts from DICE, a ring of fire around the map slowly closes in and destroys all in its path. The map is called Halvoy, and DICE boasts that it’s ten times bigger than Battlefield 5’s largest map, Hamada. In addition to the standard battle royale scrounging for resources and survival, you’ll also be aiming to secure Re-supply Points and Vehicle Lockups. Some of those lockups will contain combat vehicles like choppers and tanks, which are very powerful but can be brought down with anti-vehicle weaponry. The mode will launch with 17 vehicles, which could be a major point of differentiation between Firestorm and competing battle royale games.

You’ll also be able to call in reinforcements like artillery strikes or supply drops. And as a Battlefield game, the buildings are destructible, letting you smoke out enemies hiding in houses as long as you have the weaponry to do some demolition.

Firestorm will have some pieces of gear and vehicles exclusive to it. Those include various sizes of Backpacks, healing syrettes for squadmates, armor vests, prototype helicopters, sports cars, and even a tractor.

Firestorm will launch as a free update on March 25, and is said to lay the groundwork for the next numbered story chapter, Trial By Fire.

Battlefield 5 launched last year, but DICE gave word shortly before launch that Firestorm would not be ready until March 2019. That put it behind both Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, which launched its own battle royale mode alongside the game, and the surprise contender Apex Legends.

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