Borderlands 3 Bloody Harvest Trailer Shows Off Halloween Loot

Borderlands 3 will start its Halloween-themed event this week, and a new trailer gives a look at all the goodies and special activities in store for spooky Vault Hunters. The trailer shows some of the new cosmetics like skins and weapon elements, the new Baron of Bloody Harvest boss, and a new Legendary weapon.

The new Legendary is called the Fearmonger, and you can see it spreading the new Terror debuff. The new gameplay element obscures enemy’s vision and weakens gun handling, accuracy, and spread. Special enemies will spread the Terror debuff during the event as well, but they’ll go away when the event ends. Your new loot, which includes two new guns and a shield that all implement the Terror mechanic, will be yours to keep.

The event begins on October 24 and lasts through December 5. To start the event, look around the galaxy (i.e. not Pandora) for Haunted enemies. Defeat them to earn Hecktoplasm, and then trade it with a new character on Sanctuary named Maurice for access to the Bloody Harvest map.

The Bloody Harvest map is where you’ll find most of the Halloween haunts, including the new boss, the Baron of Bloody Harvest. He’s a spectral form of Captain Traunt. In addition to the new weapons, you can also get Vault Hunter skins, Anointed weapon drops that can also use the Terror debuff, a new weapon trinket, and more.

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The Halloween event is part of the ongoing anniversary celebration month, which has included special events over the course of October. The current event, soon to be ending with the advent of Bloody Harvest, gives you bonus Eridium, so check in and stock up while you still can.

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