Borderlands 3 Has A Legendary Loot Cave Of Sorts

Remember way back in 2014 when people discovered a loot cave in the original Destiny? It was this magical place where you could take advantage of the game’s systems to quickly acquire a surplus of rare loot. Well, Borderlands 3 kind of has one of those.

In this case, players discovered a way to exploit the level design for one of Borderlands 3’s areas to get an enemy to respawn over and over again to increase the drop rate for random legendary weapons. The farming method was first discovered by Reddit user Nordor222.

First off, to fully take advantage of this exploit, you’ll need to beat Borderlands 3’s campaign and unlock its endgame content. In the endgame, you unlock Mayhem Mode, which allows you to crank the difficulty of Borderlands 3 in a variety of ways. Mayhem Mode also increases your chances of getting a legendary loot drop though, so push it up to Mayhem Level 3 at the Sanctuary III console.

Once that’s done, fly to Eden-6 and fast travel to the Jakob’s Estate. Head to the location that’s marked on the image below. You’ll know you’re in the right place when you see a group of bandits. Among them should be a purple-tinged loot tink. He’ll have a pretty hefty shield–one amplified by Mayhem Mode–so bring out your strongest shock weapon to take the tink down. Maybe grab an incendiary weapon too, both to deal with the tink once its shield is gone as well as the group of bandits that spawn in to protect him.

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This tink already gives you pretty good loot, but with the bonuses provided by Mayhem Level 3, he’ll spit out a few purple and yellow items as you take him down. If you defeat him, you can open his backpack, which will typically spew out a few pieces of legendary loot and some phenomenal very rare items. Once you’ve grabbed all you can carry, warp back to the Jakob’s Estate fast travel point, quit to the main menu, reload the game, and head back to the tink’s spawn location. He’ll be back and carrying a brand-new set of legendary items for you to loot. Just repeat the process for as many times as you please.

Keep in mind, Gearbox may already know about this exploit and they could be working on a fix for it right now. When players discovered the loot cave in the original Destiny, Bungie shut that down in days. Given how this exploit essentially removes the need to do any of Borderlands 3’s endgame content, we imagine Gearbox will want to remove it at some point before the raid boss is added. So act now if you want to take advantage. Just think, what you see below could be yours.

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