Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare Has A Tamagotchi That Feeds Off Your Skills

While Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is expected to explore heavy subject matter in its single-player mode, developer Infinity Ward has decided to go in a more campy direction for multiplayer. The Modern Warfare reboot takes us back to the ’90s with the Tamagunchi, an optional accessory euippable in both multiplayer and the Spec Ops cooperative mode.

As the name suggests, Tamagunchis are Infinity Ward’s version of the Tamagotchi, a ’90s relic that requires constant babysitting of a virtual pet or else it kicks the bucket. Tamagunchis function very similar–except these are ravenous beasts feeding off your kills. The more kills you get, the happier it is. Go too long without killing and, as art director Joel Emslie told Game Informer, “it will rot and die.”

The idea was birthed after a coder found a way to synch the in-game wristwatch with the console’s internal clock to display real-world time. Muiltiplayer design director Geoff Smith told Game Informer that the team, upon uncovering the limitlessness of coding, “[grew the idea] into more and more madness.”

Tamagunchis react directly to your performance, reminding you that you are either doing great or terrible by going “Ya-ta” and making a little noise or just dying. The virtual pets even evolve out of their eggs should you pull together a successful string of kills.

While Tamagunchis are optional, Modern Warfare is expected to drop one multiplayer option found in Black Ops 4. According to co-multiplayer design director Joe Cecot, Infinity Ward’s upcoming first-person shooter will not feature a battle royale mode. However, Mordern Warfare will feature a brand-new mode that hones in on the franchise’s most compelling multiplayer elements.

from GameSpot – Game News

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