Capcom Asks Resident Evil Fans To Test A New Game

Capcom is asking for feedback on a new game it has in development–interesting enough in itself, but the kicker is that it’s specifically asking the Japanese Resident Evil community. The email to Resident Evil ambassadors, which was seen and translated by Resi fansite Biohaze, informs them of a new “game that’s in development.”

The email reads: “To all Resident Evil Ambassadors, thank you for your patronage regarding the Resident Evil series. Today, we are letting you know that we are recruiting testers for a game that’s in development!

“We are interested in incorporating the feedback of all Ambassadors into our development, so please read the details below and, if you are interested in participating, click the Entry button.”

It’s unclear which game Capcom is referring to in the email. It’s possible the company is working on the next mainline entry to the series or another remake akin to this year’s Resident Evil 2 remake. However, Resident Evil 5 and 6 are being ported to Switch later this year, so it could merely be these versions undergoing testing. It may not necessarily be a Resident Evil title at all, of course, though it would perhaps be a strange move to ask the Resi community for feedback on a non-Resi game. GameSpot has contacted Capcom for more information.

The most recent Resi game is the Resident Evil 2 remake, which launched in January to a positive reception. “Resident Evil 2 is not only a stellar remake of the original, but it’s also simply a strong horror game that delivers anxiety-inducing and grotesque situations, topping some of the series’ finest entries,” said our critic, Alessandro Fillari.

“But above all, the remake is an impressive game for the fact that it goes all-in on the pure survival horror experience, confidently embracing its horrifying tone and rarely letting up until the story’s conclusion. Though Resident Evil 2 has its roots firmly in the past, it reworks the familiar horrors into something that feels brand new and all its own.” You can read more in our full Resident Evil 2 remake review.

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