Pokemon Sword & Shield Reveal New Gigantamax Forms Of Some Classic Pokemon, Including Fat Pikachu

As promised, The Pokemon Company dropped a new trailer for Pokemon Sword and Shield. This video gave us our first look at new Gigantamax forms a handful of classic Gen 1 Pokemon will be able to take on in the upcoming Switch games.

The trailer began with Pikachu, which resembles its original, chubby incarnation when it Gigantamaxes. In this form, its Electric-type attacks become G-Max Volt Crash, which dishes out damage and also paralyzes all opponents.

The other starter from the Pokemon Let’s Go games, Eevee, will also be able to Gigantamax in Sword and Shield. When it transforms, the fur around its neck becomes extra fluffy, and its Normal-type attacks turn into G-Max Cuddle. In addition to dealing damage, this move causes Pokemon of the opposite gender to become infatuated, which may prevent them from attacking.

Other classic Pokemon that can take on new forms when they Gigantamax include Butterfree, Charizard, and Meowth. Butterfree’s wings expand to Mothra-like proportions, while Charizard’s wings are formed out of flames. Meowth, meanwhile, is hilariously elongated. You can take a look at all the new Gigantamax Pokemon in the trailer above.

As previously confirmed, Pokemon that are capable of Gigantamaxing will be hard to find in Sword and Shield, but you’ll be able to get three of the newly revealed Pokemon for free. If you’ve played either Let’s Go Pikachu or Eevee, you’ll receive a Pikachu or Eevee that can Gigantamax from the Wild Area Station, while all players who purchase the game by January 15, 2020 will be able to download a Meowth that can Gigantamax as a Mystery Gift. None of these special Pokemon are able to evolve, however.

Pokemon Sword and Shield launch for Switch on November 15. You can take a look at all the new Gen 8 Pokemon revealed so far in our gallery. And if you’re looking to secure a copy ahead of their release, be sure to check out our Pokemon Sword and Shield pre-order guide.

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Pokemon Sword And Shield Offering Three Free Exclusive Gigantamax Pokemon

Pokemon Sword and Shield are just around the corner, and Nintendo and the Pokemon Company are teasing bonus extras you can claim in the game. This time a Galar Research Update revealed three new Gigantamax forms, each offered as a free bonus.

For those who played Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu / Eevee, you can claim special Gigantamax versions of Pikachu and Eevee in Sword and Shield. Pikachu transforms into a chunky mouse with a glowing tail and a G-Max Volt Crash move to paralyze all opponents. Eevee gets even fluffier than usual and uses G-Max Cuddle to infatuate opposite-gender opponents. You’ll be able to claim your special Pikachu and Eevee once you arrive at the WIld Area Station.

Those aren’t the only special monsters, though. If you play Sword and Shield between November 15, 2019 and January 15, 2020, you’ll be able to obtain a Gigantamax Meowth as a Mystery Gift. He’s a weird-looking stretched out cat with a G-Max Gold Rush move that confuses opponents and gives bonus money.

The announcement notes that none of these special version of Pikachu, Eevee, or Meowth can evolve. But why would you want them to? The reveal also showed off a Gigantamax Charizard and Butterfree.

We recently learned that Pokemon Sword or Shield will take up about 10 GB of space on your Nintendo Switch. Fat Pikachu is probably a solid half of that.

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Xbox One Taco Bell Promotion Awards Limited Edition Console, Elite 2 Controller, And Game Pass

Taco Bell is partnering with Microsoft for another promotion, this time giving you a chance at a shiny new Xbox One X, along with an Xbox Elite Series 2 controller before it’s widely available. Oh, and the Xbox makes that signature Taco Bell “bong” sound again. You know the one.

From October 17 through November 23, ordering a Double Chalupa Box will get you a code to enter for a a chance at an Xbox One X Eclipse bundle. The bundle includes a limited edition Xbox One X Eclipse console with a white-to-black fade design and the Taco Bell ring at startup, plus an Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2, and a six-month subscription to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

The Series 2 controller is releasing on November 4, so if you win early enough in the promotion you just get a controller before anyone else can even buy it. The prize bundles will be awarded every 10 minutes on average, and the companies promise a quick turnaround time for winners–possibly as fast as 48 hours after redemption.

Meanwhile, you can also score some Game Pass Ultimate time just by ordering your food. Ordering a Double Chalupa box online or through the Taco Bell app will get you a code for a 2-week Xbox Game Pass Ultimate membership. You can stack two codes on top of each other for roughly a month of Ultimate. Check the full rules for all of the contest details.

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is the top tier of Microsoft’s all-you-can-eat subscription service, combining Game Pass for console, Game Pass for PC, and Xbox Live Gold into a single subscription. It usually costs $15 per month, as opposed to $10 per month for each Game Pass tier individually.

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Here’s When You Can Read Our Death Stranding Review

Death Stranding was first revealed at E3 2016, and in those three years creator Hideo Kojima has done his usual slow-drip of trailers and gameplay demos to stoke our curiosity and confusion. It’s only now that people outside of Kojima Productions are able to actually play the game, and while opinions of any kind are currently under wraps, we can at least share that the Death Stranding review embargo will officially lift on November 1 at 12:01AM PDT.

The most recent opportunity for Kojima to demonstrate what he’s been working on since leaving Konami was Tokyo Game Show 2019. There, over the course of two days, Kojima gave us a deeper look into the moment-to-moment gameplay of Death Stranding, which included everything from mundane traversal to battles against supernatural enemies. He followed that up with a closer look at the private quarters of Sam Porter Bridges, the main character played by Norman Reedus. It was a very revealing demo, though not in the way you might expect.

Reedus is but one of many celebrities that will appear in Death Stranding, along with Guillermo Del Toro, Mads Mikkelsen, and Lea Seydoux, to name but a few. Sadly, Keanu Reeves won’t make an appearance despite rumors. We’ve also learned that real-world brands like Monster Energy will also be prominently featured in the game–it’s anyone’s guess as to whether or not these inclusions will have an impact on the credibility of the fictional (and strange) world that Kojima has crafted.

In fact, the strangeness has been at the heart of the game’s messaging since the very beginning. If you fell off trying to make sense of Death Stranding a long time ago, now is the perfect time to brush up on everything we’ve learned so far, including details about the world, the characters that inhabit it, and the unusual constraints that will be set upon Sam as you guide him across treacherous terrain in a bid to reunite the once united states of America.

If our current Death Stranding guide isn’t enough, you can also take Kojima’s very straightforward explanation below:

After Death Stranding reviews land on November 1, the rest of us will have to wait until the game releases on November 8 to see what all the fuss is about. (Kept you waiting, huh?)

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New Xbox Studio With Red Dead Designer, The Initiative, Is Playtesting Its New Game

One of Microsoft’s newest internal game studios, The Initiative, has heaps of big-name talent on staff. The company employs Christian Cantamessa, the writer and designer of Red Dead Redemption, as well as God of War producer Brian Westergaard. The Initiative also has veteran employees of Respawn, BioWare, and Naughty Dog among its ranks, while former Square Enix and Activision boss Darrell Gallagher is heading up the studio. Needless to say, Xbox fans–and the video game industry overall–are waiting to see what the studio might be cooking up.

It’s still too soon to know for sure what the team is working on, but The Initiative design director Drew Murray (Sunset Overdrive, Resistance 3) has now seemingly revealed that the studio has a game that is far enough along in development to be playtested. Murray said on Twitter that people shouldn’t read too far into this because, for him, playtesting begins when a studio has literally anything working on-screen. Reading between the lines here, it seems safe to assume that The Initiative’s new game is still nowhere near ready for release.

Murray also posted a picture of himself with other members of the development team enjoying some drinks following what sounded like a challenging but educational playtesting session.

“Playtesting is informative, essential, and, if you have any ego, will leave you in the gutter. Fortunately, the design team have souls of iron coated in Teflon, so we just have fancy cocktails and talk about what we learned and what to fix next,” Murray said.

Regarding getting out of the office and and enjoying time away from their screens, Murray said working flat-out constantly can be a bad way to make games.

“Constant heads-down is overrated. If you don’t have the breathing space to think, you’re wasting time making bad decisions,” he said. “If you can’t break bread with your team to build trust and community it’ll murder your game later on. Also, it’s hard for me to get in-studio shots.”

The Initiative appears to be ramping up development on its mysterious new title. In addition to the fact that it is already playable in some form, the studio has 18 open positions on its careers website spanning a number of different disciplines including art, design, engineering, operations, and production.

The Initiative says it wants to remain “small,” but it remains to be seen what that means in practice. Others developers in the video talk about how The Initiative plans to “push boundaries,” “challenge convention,” and take risks as they make something “spectacular and unique.”

The Initiative was announced at E3 2018 as part of Microsoft’s wider announcement of new studios and acquisitions. The company, which is based in Santa Monica, says its ambition is “about craft, creating story, innovating, and looking ahead to the next big thing.” While the company is owned by Microsoft, it claims to operate independently.

There is no word on when The Initiative’s new game may be announced. Microsoft’s next big event is X019 in London, which takes place in November.

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Divinity: Original Sin Dev Puts Tactics Game On Hold As It Focuses On Baldur’s Gate 3

Divinity: Original Sin developer Larian Studios has indefinitely postponed one of its upcoming projects. The studio announced that the tactics game Divinity: Fallen Heroes is now postponed with no new release date announced. Larian was working with Danish developer Logic Artists on the game.

“It is with a profound sense of regret that today we announce Divinity: Fallen Heroes has been put on hold, as we fondly celebrate the work done so far,” Larian said in a message posted to Twitter.

Fallen Heroes was announced in March 2019, though Larian was working with Logic Artists for more than a year before the game was officially announced. It was due for release in November 2019, but that is no longer going to happen.

Larian will place its focus now on the ongoing development of Baldur’s Gate 3, while Logic Artists is working on its own new game called Expeditions. “We’re sorry for the players excited for Fallen Heroes, who will have to wait an unspecified period of time, but we strongly believe that bringing Fallen Heroes to fans should be done in a timeline that allows it to be developed soundly.”

Logic Artists said in the joint statement, “It’s always said to put an exciting project on hold, but sometimes the realities of development and release schedules simply assert themselves in ways that are outside anyone’s control.”

While Fallen Heroes might not be coming anytime soon, you can always go back and play Original Sin 2–it is one of GameSpot’s favorite games ever.

In our review, we gave the game a 10/10, and the title went on to be one of our favorites of 2017. It’s definitive edition is also one of our best reissued games of 2018. A Nintendo Switch version launched in September 2019.

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League Of Legends: New Shooter, Fighting Game, Animated Series, And More Announced

Riot Games had a big day. During the League of Legends 10th anniversary livestream event, the studio made a number of big announcements, some of which were total surprises.

There was a lot to learn from the broadcast, and we’re rounding up all the news in one place to help you get a quick snapshot from all the big reveals.

League Of Legends New Character

Riot announced the newest champion, Senna, who is a support character that joins the 140+ champions already in the game. “Originally one of the many souls trapped in Thresh’s lantern and a fan favorite since her introduction in Lucian’s story, Senna is the newest support to join LoL’s roster of more than 140 champions and will uniquely embody a marksman-like playstyle,” Riot said.

Senna will be available in LoL’s public beta server starting on October 29. She will then go live in the game officially on November 10.

Gameplay Changes, Updates, And Gifts

Riot is rolling out the “biggest changes” ever for the Summoner’s Rift map. This will take the form of the Rise of Elements, which are gameplay changes that make use of a new feature called Elemental Drakes. The changes will populate on the test servers on October 22 before going live for everyone on November 22.

Additionally, LoL is bringing back the Ultra Rapid Fire mode for another limited-time event. On top of that, Riot is adding Arabic language support while it is also working on nine different music albums based on each LoL season; they go live on October 15.

Another update is a gift for fans. Everyone who made an account before October 15 at 6 PM PT will get an in-game gift for each day they log in and play until October 27.

Teamfight Tactics Coming To Mobile

The auto-battler game, Teamfight Tactics, will launch on mobile devices in Q1 2020. Pre-registration is available now on Google Play. The eight-person strategy game, which is free, will feature new sets of characters and ability every 3 or 4 months to keep things fresh. Additionally, the PC version of Teamfight Tactics will add a new set called Rise of the Elements when it launches on November 5 in the LoL game client.

A New Card Game

The rumoured Legends of Runterra (LoR) is now officially confirmed. The free-to-play collectible card game appears similar to Blizzard’s Hearthstone. It features characters from the LoL universe, while the gameplay is focused on “dynamic, alternating combat that demands players use their skill, creativity, and cleverness to succeed.”

The game launches in 2020 for PC and mobile. For lots more, check out GameSpot’s recent preview from PAX Aus.

League Of Legends For Console And Mobile

League of Legends is coming to console and mobile in the form of a new game called Wild Rift. It is similar to LoL on PC, but adapted and built “from scratch” for the new platforms. “Wild Rift is not a port of LoL on PC — it is a new game built from scratch to ensure it is a polished, legitimate LoL experience that’s worth players’ time,” Riot says.

New Animated Series

A new League of Legends animated show called Arcane is on the way–and it looks great. Set for release in 2020, the show takes place in the uptopian world of Piltover, “the story follows the origins of two iconic League champions–and the power that will tear them apart.”

A League Of Legends Shooter

Project A is the working title for a new, character-based competitive shooter set in the League of Legends universe that looks similar to Blizzard’s Overwatch. “The game is set on a beautiful near-future Earth and has a lethal cast of characters, each with unique abilities that create tactical opportunities for their gunplay to shine,” Riot said.

More details on Project A will be announced in 2020.

A League of Legends Fighting Game

Another surprise reveal was Project L, which is the working title for a League of Legends fighting game. Riot has said only that the title is in the early stages of development. Riot will share more details in 2020.

Something Else Entirely

Riot had yet another title to announce during its livestream event. Project F is the codename for a title that is “very early” in development. Riot is saying basically nothing about the title at this stage, confirming only that it “explores the possibilities of traversing the world of Runeterra with your friends.”

League of Legends Origins

A movie-length documentary about League of Legends, called Origins, has arrived from Oscar nominated director Leslie Iwerks. She is the granddaughter of Disney animator Ub Iwerks, who co-created Mickey Mouse. The movie will covers LoL’s history, and you can stream it now on Netflix.

A Social Impact Fund

Riot announced The Riot Games Social Impact Fun, which is a non-profit organisation aimed at helping provide “global social impact.” The group has already donated $4 million. As part of the new campaign, a new LoL skin called Dawnbringer Karma will be released, with all of the money going to the Fund.

League of Legends Esports Manager

Finally, Riot announced a new team-management game called League of Legends Esports Manager–and that is exactly what it is. The title has players taking on the role of a fictional LoL manager who must create a team and take them to the big time.

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League Of Legends Dev Reveals A Hearthstone-Style Game With No “Over-The-Top Randomness”

Riot Games, the developer of one of the world’s most popular games in League of Legends, has announced its next game. “Legends of Runeterra” is a free-to-play strategy card game that takes place in the League of Legends universe. It’s aiming to launch in 2020 for PC and m

Just like Blizzard’s popular CCG Hearthstone features characters from its source material (Warcraft), Legends of Runeterra (LoR) will include League of Legends characters in its card decks. Each has “their own style and strategic advantage,” Riot said.

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“LoR’s gameplay is built around dynamic, alternating combat that demands players use their skill, creativity, and cleverness to succeed,” Riot said.

Players can spend real money to acquire cards in LoR or they can grind to acquire them through gameplay. “Shards” are earned through gameplay while “Coins” can be purchased with real money at any time.

To unlock new cards and content in LoR, players can complete quests to earn experience that in turn unlocks new cards. The game has numerous different “regions,” and players can determine which region to pursue, and each has different cards to unlock.

Each week, LoR will add new chests to unlock from what’s called the Vault. “The Vault levels up as you play and upgrades the chests inside, which increases the number of cards you get from each. Individually, both the cards and chests have a chance to upgrade into something even better, and at level 10 and above, you’re guaranteed a champion,” Riot said.

LoR also features cards called “wildcards.” These are rare cards that can be turned into any card you want. A “limited” number of these wildcards will be available in the store each week.

“We know that sometimes you just want a guaranteed way to get specific cards. So instead of waiting for the right drop, you can unlock cards for your collection using the Shards you’ve earned or the wildcards you’ve acquired through play or purchase,” Riot said.

“In Legends of Runeterra, you will never pay for randomized packs, and you have a bunch of different ways to get the cards you actually want and build multiple decks for both casual duels and the competitive meta,” the company added.

Riot could seemingly make more money by offering wildcards for purchase all the time. However, the company said it is limiting their ability to “ensure you always have something you’re looking forward to unlocking, and that you’re constantly discovering new cards and strategies.”

Riot added: “Slowing down how quickly the entire set of cards can be unlocked is one method for helping us accomplish that goal. There’s a lot more to it than that, so expect to see an article soon that dives deep into how card acquisition will work in LoR.”

“We’re all huge card game fans on the LoR team, so we know the issues with the genre: things like excessive cost, over-the-top randomness, and seeing the same decks over and over,” executive producer Jeff Jew said in a statement. “We’ve spent a lot of time thinking about what we’d do differently, and now we have a chance to shake up the genre by keeping what’s great, improving what’s not, and adding some new twists of our own.”

“We’ve been hard at work making the best card game we can imagine–one that we hope players everywhere will love,” he added. “We’re pretty excited to show players what we’ve got so far, and we can’t wait to hear what they think!”

Riot is promising to update LoR frequently with new content and gameplay balance changes.

Pre-registration for LoR is available right now. Everyone who pre-registers will get a chance to play the game ahead of its official release, while they’ll also get the “Poro pet chroma” at release.

Riot is letting people play LoR immediately, as those who pre-register can play a “preview patch” now through October 21. A second preview patch will be available in November.

Riot, which is owned by Chinese internet company Tencent, has been in the headlines over the past year regarding gender discrimination claims against the studio. California’s Department of Fair Employment and Housing is currently investigating the company.

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Legends Of Runeterra — How Does The League of Legends Card Game Work?

Legends of Runeterra is a brand new digital card game based on the League of Legends universe, and from our time with it during PAX Aus 2019, it actually feels like it has some interesting new takes on the genre. Here’s how it works.

Naturally, Legends of Runeterra is based around Champions, many of whom will be familiar to League of Legends fans. Champions and other cards are associated with six of the major regions of Runeterra (Demacia, Noxus, Ionia, Piltover & Zaun, Freljord, and the Shadow Isles), which represent the idea of classes or colours, in other card games. But the game features plenty of aspects that will be familiar to players of other digital card games, too.

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Your mana pool increases steadily each turn, much like Hearthstone, which sets the pace of play. Mana allows you to play things like creature and champion cards, which have the typical attack and defense stats as well as other abilities or buffs which decide how they’ll fair in battle. You want to be able to attack your opponent’s Nexus (which every MOBA-fan should hopefully be familiar with) bringing its health to 0 to win the game. Games tend to last for about 15 to 20 minutes.

However, where Legends of Runeterra separates from other examples of the genre is in the finer details on how you can do Nexus damage. Spells, for instance, can do direct damage but they use a different mana pool from your character cards and can almost always be countered. Some spells will be fast or slow, and they queue up in the middle of the battlefield according to their order.

All cards are played out in turns, which is not something I’m used to seeing in digital card games. These spell turns are segmented into rounds, where one player will be on the offensive and the other defends. There are multiple turns in these rounds, where each player has a chance to play their characters and spells until the actual attack. This adds some interesting strategy–you can bait another person out by slowly adding to your arsenal, rather than playing everything at once. Then, the attack actually happens and unless a status on the card says otherwise, it’s blockers choice.

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The champion cards have objectives on them, which allow you to level up those cards and become more powerful so long as they aren’t taken out during the battle. You can choose to use one champion to build your decks around or add more–which is limited depending on the game style–and the idea is to create a synergistic playstyle. This aspect feels reminiscent of Magic The Gathering and the choices it offers in mixing colours for new playstyles.

For example, a champion may level up after you’ve dealt a certain amount of damage to enemies and another may require you to have targeted a set number of enemies. Having both of these cards in the same deck would allow you to level them up and gain their heightened abilities at the same time, without wasting any resources. Perhaps stacking this deck with cheap cards so you can target enemies faster would help you level up even faster to gain an advantage. On the other hand, having different objectives might also offer more flexibility, so deciding how you build decks to achieve your own goals looks like it will add several layers or potential strategy to games.

For fans of the lore behind League of Legends, there’s also the promise of plenty of new narrative content. Fresh stories will also play out through Legends of Runeterra with plans to introduce new characters and champions as the game builds, which will also allow for new cards and playstyles. Legends of Runeterr and League of Legends share the same universe, so it’s not some weird spinoff where everyone’s just playing cards in a tavern.

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Legends of Runeterra all plays quite well, and as someone who’s quite familiar with different digital card games, I was able to pick it up quickly after a few rounds in the tutorial. It has the same drag and drop style you’ll likely be familiar with, and getting into it is just a matter of learning all the new terms, quirks, and cards. The game definitely struck me as the kind that’s simple on the surface, but with extra complexity stashed away in the deck-building meta, if that’s your jam.

The good, and somewhat surprising news is that when it comes to deckbuilding, there appear to be no purchasable random card packs. Legends of Runeterra is still a free-to-play game, however, and though you can’t spend your hard-earned real money on random cards, you can instead pay a set price for “wild cards.” These differ in cost based on rarity, but are a straight swap for whichever card you want in that tier. Even then, this system is limited to a certain number of purchases per week, and I was assured by Riot representatives that it’s not the kind of game you can pay-to-win.

Instead, the only way to get a substantial amount of cards is by playing, but it does look like these can be somewhat unpredictable. You can complete quests and level up to unlock cards from your chosen region, which can be changed at any time. Playing will also level up your weekly vault, which contains more chests full of more random cards. But the ability to pick and choose what you want to do to unlock cards was emphasised as a way to give players at least some agency over how they play the game.

The idea appears to be that those who put the time in–regardless of what they do–will have the most cards and diverse decks, while still giving players on the other end of the spectrum the ability to obtain specific cards with a level of certainty. There did seem to be a fair amount of cards available from the onset, at least in the build we played, but how this system fares for more casual players is something we need to wait and see.

You’ll also be able to use real money on cosmetics, and Legends of Runeterra is an intensely visual game. The card art is stunningly detailed and the board is very Hearthstone-like, featuring little interactive touches. Cards animate when played and sometimes even emoji-style stickers will pop on the screen. When champion cards level up, they’ll take over the whole screen to play an animation and even attacking seems a bit more extra than most other digital card games. I could still tell what was happening most of the time, so the flair doesn’t feel like it gets in the way but, it is a visual feast.

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While not being presented as an esport yet, Riot has promised regular monthly balance updates to keep the meta shifting, as well as a ranked system currently in development. The general synopsis seems bent against the level of randomness that can often be present in card games, so Legends of Runeterra could be quite competitive in a very different way to what we’re used to seeing in the genre.

If you’re curious about Legends of Runeterra, the good news is you can pre-register for your chance to play it now, and unlock the exclusive Moonstruck Poro Guardian at launch. The announcement comes as a part of the League of Legends 10th anniversary celebration and you’ll find a selection of folks with access streaming the game live as we speak. In a month’s time, there will be a five-day preview where more people who pre-registered will be allowed in, and then a larger closed beta in 2020 before launch on PC and Mobile platforms sometime during that year.

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League Of Legends Shooter, Fighting Game Announced

A League of Legends shooter is in development. Riot Games today announced a brand-new take on the competitive shooter, and it looks a lot like Overwatch. The company also confirmed that it is working on a fighting game in the League of Legends universe.

The game, which is in development under the working title Project A, is described as a character-based tactical shooter. Riot says it has assembled a veteran team to work on the title, which will offer players more creativity and expression than other titles in the market.

No Caption Provided

The studio also said it is aware of concerns about ping rates and cheating, and it has been working since day one to make sure the game takes these matters seriously. Additionally, Riot said it is invested in the League of Legends shooter for the long haul.

Riot will be going dark on the League of Legends shooter until 2020, so don’t expect any news for some time.

As for the League of Legends fighting game, it appears to be in a very early stage of development. It’s being worked on under the working title Project L, and Riot has been working on it for a “little while,” the studio says. Like the shooter game, Riot plans to stay heads down and work on the project for some time before talking more about it.

No Caption Provided

Finally, Riot announced a new League of Legends animated series called Arcane which will debut in 2020. You can check out the series announcement trailer below.

from GameSpot – Game News https://www.gamespot.com/articles/league-of-legends-shooter-fighting-game-announced/1100-6470588/