Check Out These Slick Animations In First Trailer For Savior

Indie studio Starsoft has revealed its first game, Savior, a platformer with very impressive, fluid-looking anmiation.

Savior is described as a 2D, action-adventure platformer where you will “dramatically change a vast open world [and] engage [with] a variety of opponents [using] strategic, precision melee combat.” The game has you controlling Sam, an adventurer caught in the middle of a cold war between The Chosen and The Fallen. It looks similar in style to classic ’80s and ’90s cinematic platformers like Another World and Prince of Persia, with elements of modern pixel-art platformers like Chasm and The Messenger thrown in for good measure.

“While you’ll need to gain wealth, power and allies; the central task of Savior is to rebuild the societies and world around you,” Starsoft wrote in a press release. “We’re building in sweeping, persistent visual changes to reinforce the idea that the player can, and does, change the world with their actions.”

Though no release date or platforms have been announced yet, Savior is available to wishlist on Steam, signalling it will arrive on PC at the very least.

from GameSpot – Game News

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