Check Your Email–You Might Have Free GameStop Store Credit If You Shopped At ThinkGeek

It’s been over a month since online retailer ThinkGeek closed its digital doors and moved its offerings over to GameStop’s website. Now, longtime ThinkGeek shoppers who had saved up Geek Points (ThinkGeek’s old program that let you earn points with purchases and redeem them for free stuff) can finally get some use out of them. According to deals site Cheap Ass Gamer, people are beginning to receive emails from GameStop with a reward certificate that can be used on games, hardware, collectibles, accessories, and more at GameStop stores or

The amount varies based on how many Geek Points you had saved up. People are reporting certificate amounts of anywhere from $5 to $50. CAG user ceadondifortu posted that he received a $10 certificate having made only a few ThinkGeek orders, all under $100, in the past. So even if you only shopped at ThinkGeek once or twice, it’s worth checking your email (including your spam folder) to see if you scored any free store credit, especially since you can apply it toward games.

ThinkGeek’s online closure in July was the first of many major changes at GameStop, which recently redesigned its website as well. The retailer also has big plans in store for its brick-and-mortar locations and revealed it’s working on new store concepts, such as a way for people to try out new titles before they buy them. Some new locations will focus purely on competitive gaming and “home-grown e-leagues,” while other stores will focus completely on retro gaming software and hardware. With the rise of digital gaming and the slow decline of GameStop stock prices, it’s clear the company is making big moves to ensure its relevancy in 2019 and beyond.

If you’re not sure what to spend your reward credit on, GameStop’s new weekly deals are now live, including a pretty extensive Back to School sale on things like backpacks, apparel, kitchen items, and a retro PlayStation mug we like a lot.

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