Cool-Looking Rhythm Game Enters Early Access This Month

Indie developer Super Spin Digital’s first project, Spin Rhythm XD, is heading to Steam later this month.

Spin Rhythm XD is slated to enter Early Access on October 22, with a Nintendo Switch launch to follow sometime in 2020. The title is billed as “an inter-dimensional electronic music rhythm game” where you spin, tap, flick, and flow through various licensed and original electronic tunes. The soundtrack is filled with artists like 2Mello–who created music for Celeste and 2064: Read Only Memories–Anomalie, Pegboard Nerds, and more.

The trailer, below, shows Spin Rhythm XD’s intensity and “juiciest electronic music in the galaxy.” It has a lot in common with other rhythm titles like Guitar Hero and Rock Band, though it’s much closer to Tap Tap Revenge and Thumper.

While currently in beta, you can attach midi DJ controllers to make the experience more authentic. Further, you can build and share levels with the music you create. Spin Rhythm XD will also appear on Android, iOS, and “more,” according to a press release. The game is expected to retail for $20 USD before jumping up to $25 USD for its 1.0 launch.

from GameSpot – Game News

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