Destiny 2 Festival Of The Lost PSA: Be Careful With That Halloween Candy

The annual Destiny 2 Halloween event Festival of the Lost begins next week, but ahead of the event Bungie has issued a few warnings about how to claim your tricks and treats safely. The two event rewards, Candy and Chocolate Strange Coins, should be handled with care.

“While we await the festival’s return, we’d like to forewarn players about earning and deleting Candy and Chocolate Strange Coins,” reads a note in Bungie’s weekly update. “In order to earn these currencies, players must wear the Masquerader’s Helmet, purchasable from Eva Levante for 100 Glimmer. If players defeat enemies and complete activities without this helmet equipped, they will not earn Candy or Chocolate Strange Coins.

“Furthermore, players should be cautious when dismantling any items in their Consumables inventory. Any instance of dismantling Candy or Chocolate Strange Coins, intentional or otherwise, will delete the entire stack.”

The event will start on October 29 and includes special activities and rewards. You can take on the returning Haunted Forest–a spooky version of Mercury’s Infinite Forest–to get as far as you can in 15 minutes, face off against super-tough Terror enemies, and complete special bounties. Those activities will earn you Chocolate Strange Coins that you can trade for masks, which this year manifest as helmet ornaments. The event will also offer special Eververse rewards, like spooky glow-skeletons, and clearing out the Haunted Forest will earn you a Braytech Werewolf auto rifle.

Festival of the Lost will be open to all players, including those jumping in to the new free-to-play First Light edition of the game. The same day will also see the introduction of a new Exotic quest.

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