Destiny 2: How To Get A Season Of Dawn Exotic Right Away For Free

The Season of the Undying might be over in Destiny 2, but that doesn’t mean all the seasonal rewards you earned but didn’t claim are gone. In fact, with a little finesse, you can get an Exotic engram from last season’s rewards right now–even if you claimed it already. And thanks to recent changes with the new season, the free engram all but guarantees a new Exotic for your characters.

To claim the Exotic from the Season of the Undying season pass, you’ll have to have surpassed Level 98. As Redditor SecretAgentB pointed out, the engram seems to be available thanks to a minor glitch on Bungie’s website. Bungie’s page for the Season of the Undying season pass allows you to view your progress through that season and claim any rewards you might have neglected to grab before Tuesday’s start of the Season of Dawn. But even if you claimed the Exotic engram for level 98 on the pass, you can still get it again.

First, head to, which displays your progress through the season pass. A dropdown menu at the top lets you choose which character’s pass to see, and if you page through the rewards, you’ll spot any you haven’t claimed. Page to the end to find the Exotic engram at level 98 and click it. That’ll pull up a pop-up window with a button marked “Claim,” which will allow you to instantly claim the engram for the selected character (but no other character).

Choose wisely which character you want to claim the engram with, as you can only do this once per account. If you’re hoping to get one of the three new pieces of Exotic armor from the Season of Dawn, you’ll want to pick a character who already has all or most of the Exotics available from the random loot pool. SecretAgentB’s original post also suggested you be logged into the game when you use the glitch; we’re not sure it’s strictly necessary, but better safe than sorry. Thanks to a new change with Season of Dawn, all Exotic engrams are now Fated engrams, which means they’ll only give you Exotics you don’t have for that character until you’ve got everything (after that, they start dropping random Exotic armor so you can get different rolls). If you pick a character who’s missing a lot of Exotics, you’re more likely to unlock something from past seasons.

While it’s not a glitch, this page is also handy if you’ve got seasonal rewards from Undying that you never bothered to grab. Seasonal armor on the pass defaults to your current gear level, making this a useful way to shore up any armor slots that are lagging behind the rest of your loadout and boost your Power level up to the new cap of 960. If nothing else, grabbing those rewards and dismantling them will earn you materials and Glimmer you can use on other things in the game.

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