Destiny 2 Shadowkeep: How To Claim Your Pre-Order Bonuses

Destiny 2‘s new DLC expansion, Shadowkeep, and free-to-play New Light version are out now. If you pre-ordered the expansion, you’re entitled to some freebies, but they won’t automatically appear in your inventory when you log in for the first time since patch released. Instead, you’ll need to progress a short way into Shadowkeep’s campaign and then claim them. Here’s what to do.

You’ll need to complete the first mission of Shadowkeep’s new campaign in order to claim the bonuses. You can do that by bringing up the Director and selecting the new moon location. That will launch you directly into the mission. Play through it and you’ll unlock the moon as a new destination you can freely visit like any other location. That will also unlock a vendor and quest giver: Eris Morn.

Your next quest step is to visit Eris. Accept the next leg of your journey, and you’ll see she has bounties for the moon (though you’ll need to advance further in the story before you can claim them). In a separate row of her inventory, provided you qualified for the pre-order bonuses, you’ll see your rewards: the Exotic rocket launcher Two-Tailed Fox (which was originally added in Forsaken) and a weapon ornament called Chasing Kitsune that gives the weapon a new look.

To equip the ornament, you’ll need to inspect the rocket launcher in your inventory and then press Down to view the new Appearance window. From here, you can freely equip and unequip the ornament.

While Two-Tailed Fox isn’t new, it is a fun gun to use. As the name suggests, it fires two rockets: one is void (and suppresses enemies, preventing the use of abilities) and the other is solar (causing damage over time). If you’re looking for new items, be sure to check out our look at all of the weapons, armor, and Exotics you can earn in the new Season of the Undying battle pass.

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