Destiny 2 Thorn Strike: Absolutely Do Not Do This In Savathun’s Song

The quest to unlock Destiny 1‘s loved and reviled Exotic hand cannon Thorn in Destiny 2 is now live, and some players have already worked their way through to unlock the powerful, legendary gun. The Thorn quest isn’t too difficult in general, until you hit the last step: a tougher version of the Savathun’s Song Strike that includes a bunch of tough-to-handle modifiers and additions.

The Strike is likely to put most players through their paces, thanks to the modifiers making all the Hive enemies found within it hit a lot harder. We’ve put together a guide for getting Thorn that can help–beginning with the information you need to actually find the Thorn quest’s start–but it’s going to come down to grit, gumption, and skill to actually defeat Savathun’s Song and the Arbiters to get a Thorn of your very own.

Players have been working over Savathun’s Song for quite a while now, and they’ve gotten pretty good at it. In fact, even in the Nightfall version of the Strike, it’s usually possible to hit the boss so hard you kill it in one phase, rather than having to deal with it warping all over the arena and calling in tons of Hive reinforcements. It certainly makes the Strike a lot easier.

That was probably the thinking in one run we did of the Thorn version of the Strike, Chasm of Screams, in which we found that Super abilities such as Blade Barrage could still wallop Savathun’s Song, even if the difficulty had been amped up. After several failed attempts to finish the Strike and claim Thorn, our team–composed of folks gathered from the Destiny 2 app’s Looking For Group feature–decided to try to take down Savathun first and go after the other bosses at the end of the Thorn Strike afterward.

Turns out, you should definitely not do that. Under no circumstances should you kill Savathun’s Song before the last phase of the Chasm of Screams Strike.Doing so automatically fails you, forcing you to run the whole Strike over again.

The thing that sets Chasm of Screams apart from the regular version of Savathun’s Song is the Arbiters, a set of Hive Knights that appear throughout the Strike. You have to kill all of them, and that includes the two that spawn right at the end of the fight with the boss. If you take out Savathun’s Song before they spawn, the Strike will end as normal–and you won’t get Thorn.

We’ve got plenty more tips about how to speed your way through the Thorn quest and take home the villainous hand cannon. You might also want to read up on the lore behind Thorn, its rival The Last Word, and what they’ve all got to do with the Drifter.

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