Devil May Cry 5 Guide: Tips To Get SSS Rank With Dante, Nero, and V

There’s something especially satisfying about pulling off a combo that gets you into the SSS ranking in Devil May Cry 5. Featuring a trio of badass devil hunters–returning favorites Dante and Nero, as well as newcomer V–you’ll realize that they each bring a dazzling set of skills that show off a remarkable sense of style and energy in a fight. But there’s a lot more to slaying demons than simply firing your gun or swinging your oversized, engine-powered sword. As an action game that possesses the depth of complex fighting games, you’ll need to learn and understand the subtle mechanics and nuances of its main cast in order to leave an impression on Devil May Cry 5’s enemies.

In this guide, we’re giving you the rundown on Devil May Cry 5’s key players. Whether it’s using Dante’s massive arsenal of weapons, deciding on which of Nero’s Devil Breakers to bring into a mission, or how best to utilize V’s demonic familiars–DMC5 presents you with a lot of options, and you’ll often need to decide how best to take advantage of the tools the game presents you.

Though you can get a lot of mileage out of the game’s training mode, known as The Void, you’ll eventually have to dive head-first into combat and put those skills to the test in an actual mission. If you’re willing to take the time and learn how each character functions, you’ll be able to get the elusive SSS ranking in no time. Below you can find links to our guides on each of the main players in DMC5 and how to best use their skills in battle. Though, be sure to watch the gameplay video above to see what SSS rank combat looks like for each character.

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As one of the more accessible characters, the charismatic and scrappy Nero features a moveset that carries over a number of returning mechanics from DMC4, which includes his familiar long-range grapple moves. With a skill-set that emphasizes timing and charging up attacks, Nero’s playstyle is all about creating opportunities and executing primed up attacks with his Red Queen sword, Blue Rose revolver, and Devil Breakers. Devil Breakers are Nero’s newest weapon, allowing him to bring in a customizable set of special arms into battle. This new mechanic can alter his normal attacks and introduce some exciting moves that can slow down time or give him additional projectile attacks.

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V is essentially DMC5’s glass cannon. Though frail and weak in appearance, this demon hunter possesses impressive powers and relies on his demonic familiars–the shape-shifting panther Shadow, demonic bird Griffon, and giant golem Nightmare–to do damage for him. With V’s demons, you can perform all manner of complex combos and juggles, but you’re generally standing away from combat waiting to inflict a final blow.

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As the last character to unlock during the main story, the legendary devil hunter Dante may feel like you’re biting off more than you can chew. While mechanically he’s similar to his version in DMC4, the pacing in DMC5 and the number of tools he has at his disposal is a big shift from the previous game, which can make getting a handle of his combat style feel a bit daunting. Simply put, Dante is the most advanced character in the game. In addition to an expansive arsenal of melee weapons and firearms that each have their own functions and mechanics, the legendary devil hunter also has four unique combat styles that introduce new moves and enhance his combat loadout.

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