Digimon Survive Opening Animation Released, Introducing More Characters

Bandai Namco has released the opening animation for Digimon Survive, which has been embedded below. Originally scheduled for a summer 2019 release, Digimon Survive has been delayed to 2020.

The opening animation introduces all of the major human characters for Digimon Survive, including protagonists Takuma, Aoi, and Minoru. The three are prepped to go on a trip with the rest of their class, which is composed of several other school stereotypes such as a beautiful girl who’s always on her cellphone and a delinquent-looking boy who’s just misunderstood. The class is headed to some ruins, though mysterious earthquakes in the area have caused several students to voice concern over whether it’s safe.

As the class gets ready to leave, several mysterious supernatural phenomena begin to pop up: an elderly man is surrounded by monstrous creatures, a trouble-making girl encounters snow in the midst of spring, and Takuma notices a ghost-like girl watching him from the window of his classroom. As the students leave, the ghost girl starts singing, the classroom begins to decay become overrun with vegetation, and we see the girl stroking the head of a sleeping child.

Digimon Survive is a survival strategy RPG that also incorporates visual novel elements. The game stars the aforementioned Takuma, Aoi, and Minoru who wander into a strange world and become partnered with Agumon, Labramon, and Falcomon respectively. Taking inspiration from the original Digimon Adventure anime, Survive has you shape the emotional and mental evolution of Takuma, Aoi, and Minoru, which in turn affects how Agumon, Labramon, and Falcomon digivolve. Survive also revisits the concept of what a Digimon is that was first conceived by Digimon Adventure director Hiroyuki Kakudō–that they’ve always been a part of human history and mistakenly identified as shikigami, yokai, or demons in the past.

Digimon Survive is scheduled to launch for Xbox One, PS4, PC, and Nintendo Switch.

from GameSpot – Game News https://www.gamespot.com/articles/digimon-survive-opening-animation-released-introdu/1100-6468624/

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