E3 2019: Battlefield 5 Added To EA Access Free Game Vault

EA Access subscribers now have another big game to play for no extra cost, EA has announced. Battlefield V, DICE’s hit shooter that only launched in November, is now part of the EA Access Vault on Xbox One.

In addition, the game will be free on EA Access for PS4 when that launches in July. The news comes shortly after Battlefield V was added to the Origin Access game collection. Origin Access is a very similar service to EA Access, except exclusive to PC.

EA Access costs $30 / £20 / AU $40 for year or $5 / £4 / AU $40 per month. A subscription grants you access to a vault of free EA titles, such as Titanfall 2, Star Wars: Battlefront II, and FIFA 18. Subscribers also get a 10% discount on all digital EA games, as well as their respective expansions and in-game purchases. Members can also take advantage of EA Access’ Play First Trials, which typically give you 10 hours of early access to new EA titles prior to their official release.

EA Play, the publisher’s pre-E3 conference, also brought news of new Battlefield V maps. The first map shown is called Marita, based on the village where the Battle of Greece began. It features a sloping mountain ridge and tight streets, with lots of hills and multi-story buildings for verticality. Allies are in control of the town, while the Axis tries to break their stronghold. Marita launches in July.

The second new map shown, Al Sundan, is the next one to arrive: It launches on June 27. It takes place in an African desert and is a large, wide map leaving plenty of room for air battles, and the Axis has established an air base. When you play in Conquest Mode it will have six flags, and campaign players will recognize the map from the mission Under No Flag. It’s coming as part of Tides of War Chapter 4, which will also see two new close-quarters maps added.

Finally, the third map is Operation Underground, an underground battlefield similar to Metro from previous Battlefield games but entirely reimagined. That one is coming in October, between Chapters 4 and 5.

Beyond this, EA also further confirmed that Battlefield V is adding the Pacific Theater. This will include the Iwo Jima map and M1 Garand weapon, among other things still to be confirmed.

from GameSpot – Game News https://www.gamespot.com/articles/e3-2019-battlefield-5-added-to-ea-access-free-game/1100-6467513/

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