E3 2019: New Luigi’s Mansion 3 Gameplay For Nintendo Switch

During the Nintendo E3 2019 Direct today, the company gave us a closer look at the upcoming Luigi’s Mansion sequel, Luigi’s Mansion 3 for the Nintendo Switch. The series gives Luigi his rightful time in the spotlight as he deals with the terrifying, real-world problems his famous brother just doesn’t have the guts to handle: ghosts, and lots of them.

The demo Nintendo showed set up the premise of the game, and we saw Luigi invited to a gorgeous hotel with Mario, Peach, and others. Naturally, the hotel is more than meets the eye and things take a very spooky turn–surprise, it’s ghosts. And they’re mad.

Luigi dons his trusty Poltergust vacuum cleaner and we see him use this familiar strobe ability to stun ghosts, but we also get a peek at some new techniques. Luigi can now slam enemies to cause area-of-effect damage, a suction shot that allows you to destroy furniture, and a burst shot that lets you create some breathing room by pushing ghosts away.

Professor E. Gadd makes a return, as does Gooigi, Luigi’s aptly named goopy doppelganger from the 3DS remake of the original game. Gooigi can be summoned and controlled to solve puzzles–expect things like slipping through bars, walking on spikes, and dying as soon as he touches water.

Luigi’s Mansion 3 will also feature an online and local cooperative multiplayer mode called “ScareScraper”, which will see you defeating ghosts, racing to find toads, facing new challenges and clearing floors. Luigi’s Mansion 3 will be available sometime in 2019.

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