Epic Is Selling A Reskinned Version of A Fortnite Battle Pass Item

Epic has always made a big deal out of the fact that the cosmetic items contained in Fortnite’s Battle Pass are exclusive to the pass and will never be sold separately. This provides an extra incentive for Battle Pass owners to keep coming back and playing every day, knowing that they only have one season to unlock every unique item available.

So it’s disappointing that today’s Fortnite shop update has arrived with a very familiar-looking pooch. Season 6 of the Battle Pass introduced pets to Fortnite as a type of back bling, including everything from dogs to dragons and chameleons. Bonesy was one of these pets–a small dog with a scarf–and had various styles throughout season 6, all more elaborate than this new store item.

Gunner, as the new pet is called, is a simple reskin of Bonesy. He has a slightly lighter shade of fur, is wearing a mask, and has a small skull logo on his scarf, but that’s about it. Epic isn’t fooling anyone.

Reddit user PhantomRacer32 made the following comparison to highlight the similarities or lack thereof:

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Back in June, fans claimed Epic had already reneged on its self-imposed rule by selling a beachwear version of season 5 Battle Pass character Drift. However, the model had a new hairstyle, a completely new set of clothes, new accessories, and a separate back bling item, so it was somewhat justifiable. The same cannot be said of Gunner.

The Fortnite Battle Pass costs 950 in-game V-Bucks. The cheapest V-Bucks bundle you can purchase is 1000 for $9.99 / £7.99, leaving you with a few leftovers to spend. By comparison, Gunner costs a flat 1000 V-Bucks–more than a Battle Pass–for a barely noticeable reskin.

It sets a worrying precedent moving forward if Epic decides to sell previous Battle Pass cosmetics separately with only slight tweaks.

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