FBI Files Search Warrant To Make Sony Give Up PSN Data For Alleged Drug Dealer

Sony has been prompted by the FBI to hand over information on a PlayStation 4 user that allegedly used the system’s online services to distribute thousands of dollars of cocaine, according to Vice.

The search warrant application, filed in October 2019 in Missouri, is ordering Sony to disclose any and all information for a man named Curtis “Dola” Alexander, including the games he played, his progress in those games, the physical address and telephone numbers associated with his account, and more.

The FBI alleges that Alexander, under the username “Speedola20,” was in contact with someone through the PlayStation Network to coordinate a $34,000 per kilogram sale of cocaine. The application reports that a Confidential Human Source (or CHS), who said Alexander contacted them “during game,” helped the FBI in the investigation.

The application later notes that a trap was set for the Bureau to surveil Alexander selling the CHS a bag of approximately 100 grams of white powder for $4,400. After the sale, Alexander told the CHS they would talk later in the game, though what game Alexander was using has not been named. Still, it has been confirmed that Alexander used PlayStation’s messaging service to get in contact with the CHS.

As aforementioned, the FBI is requesting all information on Curtis “Dola” Alexander from Sony. As well as what games he played and how far he’s gotten, the Bureau is seeking personal information about his account, such as name, physical address, telephone numbers, associated passwords, security questions and answers, and technical information such as the IP address used to register and log into the account.

from GameSpot – Game News https://www.gamespot.com/articles/fbi-files-search-warrant-to-make-sony-give-up-psn-/1100-6471865/

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