Final Fantasy 7 Remake Teases New Game Awards Trailer

The Final Fantasy VII Remake is due out next spring, and Square Enix will show off another fresh look at tonight’s Game Awards. In a tease issued on Twitter, the official account promised a new trailer that will focus on the main story character, Cloud Strife.

As the tweet acknowledges, Cloud is well-known among fans of the classic RPG, since he’s the character that most of the story revolves around. But it’s been more than 20 years since the original release of FF7 on the very first PlayStation, so Square Enix appears to be looking to capture a new generation with this remake as well.

We recently learned that the FF7 remake is a timed exclusive on PS4, though other platforms haven’t been officially announced. It will pay homage to the classic with an option that makes it more closely resemble the turn-based original, though the active combat that we’ve seen in previous trailers has its own ways of adapting those mechanics for modern times.

The Game Awards will begin at 5:30 PM PT / 8:30 PM ET. This year the award show is also introducing a “Game Festival” promotion through Steam that will let you try limited-time demos of some featured games.

from GameSpot – Game News

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