Fortnite Chapter 2’s New Map Revealed

After a cataclysmic world event accompanied by a total game blackout, Fortnite: Battle Royale as we know it has changed. Rather than the start of Season 11, the leaks have proven to be correct, and what we instead now have is Fortnite: Chapter 2, Season 1. It’s not quite like you remember in some key ways, though, starting with a brand-new, more water-centric map.

The old map has ostensibly been destroyed, replaced by a new island with 13 new locations. The new named locations don’t reveal themselves on your in-game map until you visit them for the first time. There are also new “landmark” locations that are like smaller versions of named locations, and aren’t identified on the map.

The new map is much more aquatic, with rivers and lakes dotting the landscape. You have new tools at your disposal to make use of these mechanics, like swimming, motorboats, and fishing. Fishing requires you to first find a fishing pole but then allows you to acquire items, weapons, and ammo from bodies of water–just be careful, because while you can move, fishing leaves you defenseless. Other additions include the ability to carry fallen teammates or revive them with a bandage bazooka.

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This event marks the beginning of Fortnite Chapter 2, signaling occasional bigger changes than the already large-scale seasonal changeovers. A trailer for Chapter 2 also teased new skins, which are live now. Naturally this all comes along with a new Battle Pass, emotes, and other goodies to collect. Check out our wrap-up of the changes in the new chapter to catch up before you drop in.

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