Fortnite EGO Locations: Where To Visit Different EGO Outposts For Lowdown Challenge

Another week, another set of Chapter 2 challenges to complete in Fortnite. This week’s batch is called The Lowdown, and two of the challenges involve EGO outposts–the military-style camps that can be seen around the island. The first asks you search chests EGO outposts, while the second has you visiting five different outposts.

The missions themselves are fairly simple, but the trickiest part about them is actually finding the outposts, especially if you’re not yet familiar with Fortnite’s new map. If you fall into that category, don’t worry; we break down where all the EGO outposts are located below.

Where Are The EGO Outpost Locations?

There are five different EGO outposts scattered around the island, and they’re all spread out pretty far apart from each other. Because they’re not named locations, you also won’t be able to find them just by looking at the game’s map; however, each outpost is near a named location, which should make it easier to track them down. Here’s where all five EGO outposts are located:

EGO outpost locations in Fortnite

  • Near the beach directly west from Pleasant Park
  • Just southwest of Holly Hedges
  • On a mountain southwest of Misty Meadows
  • Northwest of Lazy Lake
  • Northwest of Dirty Docks

How To Complete The Challenges

As previously mentioned, two of this week’s challenges involve the EGO outposts, and both are fortunately very straightforward once you know where to go. The first asks you to search seven chests at EGO outposts; this is simply a matter of heading to outposts and looting any chests you’re able to find until you meet the required amount. The second challenge asks you to visit five different EGO outposts. To complete this task, you’ll need to eventually make your way to all five outposts. In the case of both challenges, you can make progress across multiple matches, so you don’t need to worry about searching all seven chests or visiting all five outposts within a single round.

Thankfully, since these are two of the initial three challenges available in the Lowdown set, you’ll be able to double up and make progress on both of them simultaneously, so completing these should be a cinch. Each mission will reward you with 52,000 XP when cleared and unlock an additional Lowdown challenge to complete. Be sure to also check out our Fortnite Chapter 2 challenges roundup for our other maps and guides from this season.

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