Fortnite Guide: Where Is The Junk Junction Treasure Map?

Season 8, Week 10’s Fortnite challenges are now available. While they are largely easy, in amongst them is one challenge that requires you to locate a treasure map and then follow it to the loot. As always, we’ve put together a little guide that you can follow to get it done quick.

As the challenge states, you’ll need to head over to Junk Junction to find the signpost with the treasure map on it. More specifically, you’ll have to venture to the center of the location and keep your eyes peeled for the purple shipping container. Just in front of it you’ll find the signpost with an image of what looks like a couple of weird cacti.

Those are actually the underground mines, which you can find north-west of Fatal Fields. Open your map and zoom in on the grid reference F8 and you’ll see the same shapes as the ones depicted on the treasure map. Make a trip to that location and you’ll find the precious Battle Star awaiting. Done!

Fortnite Junk Junction Signpost Treasure Map Location

  • Signpost treasure map: This can be found at the center of Junk Junction, just in front of the purple shipping container.
  • Treasure location: North west of Fatal Fields at the grid reference F8.

The only other tricky challenge for Season 8, Week 10 involves launching yourself through Flaming Hoops. These hoops have popped up on the island and, to complete the challenge, you’ll need to use the pirate cannons to send yourself hurtling through them. We’ve outlined exactly where you need to go in our Fortnite Flaming Hoop location guide.

If you’ve wrapped up the weekly challenges, make sure to check out the new Avengers Endgame LTM, which has its own set of unique quests to complete. Many of the challenges in this crossover include wielding the iconic weapons used by Earth’s greatest defenders, or playing as Thanos and his horde of Chitauri. If you manage to complete 10 of the challenges, you’ll get a very cool Quinjet glider.

Those who want to quickly catch up on older challenges. Season 8 is going to end soon, so you’ll want to get as much done as possible if you’ve got your heart set on any of the current unlockable cosmetics. Check out our full Fortnite Season 8 challenge guide for assistance.

Epic Games has also released the Fortnite update 8.51 patch notes, which includes a brand new tool that you can use to be sneaky. The Shadow Bomb cloaks its users in shadows and gives them the ability to move much faster for a little while, but the trade-off is that they can’t build or fight. Still, sounds pretty handy for causing some mischief.

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