Fortnite Teasing “Special Announcement” For The Game Awards 2019

The Game Awards returns for another year this Thursday, December 12. Host Geoff Keighley has been hyping the show by promising a slew of reveals and announcements, and it seems at least one of them will concern Fortnite.

Epic’s popular battle royale shooter has been nominated for multiple awards this year, including “best esports game” and “best ongoing game.” The official Fortnite Twitter account reminded fans to tune into the awards show this week to see if the title wins any honors, and it casually teased that Epic will be “making a special announcement” regarding the game during the show.

Epic hasn’t commented any further on this teased announcement, so just what it is remains to be seen, but this certainly isn’t the first time the developer has revealed major Fortnite news at the venue. Back during the 2017 edition of The Game Awards, which took place just a few months after Fortnite’s now-omnipresent battle royale mode had launched, Epic announced one of the game’s first limited-time modes, and at last year’s show, the developer first revealed The Block, a section of the game’s map that spotlights user-created content.

Fortnite itself has undergone some significant changes since then. Back in September, the game seemingly deleted itself following Season 10’s big cataclysmic season-ending event, and it would remain offline for more than a day before it was relaunched as Fortnite Chapter 2. As part of the rebranding, Epic introduced a new map and a handful of new mechanics and features.

The Game Awards takes place Thursday, December 12, at 5:30 PM PT / 8:30 PM ET. You can stream the show right here on GameSpot. That isn’t the only video game news coming this week. Sony’s final State of Play of the year airs tomorrow, December 10, at 6 AM PT, while Nintendo is airing a Direct-style Switch presentation just a few hours later at 10 AM PT.

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