Fortnite Telescope Locations: Where To Dance At Different Telescopes (Week 8 Guide)

Season 10 of Fortnite: Battle Royale is coming to an end in a couple of weeks, but in the meantime, Epic Games still has a few more sets of challenges to complete before Season 11 arrives. Week 8’s batch of missions is called Storm Racers, and one of the trickier challenges asks you to dance at different telescopes. If you’re not sure where those can be found, we’ve put together a map and guide of their locations below.

Where Are The Telescope Locations?

There are several telescopes that we know of scattered around the island, but you’ll only need to dance at three of them in order to complete this challenge. The telescopes are fairly small, so they won’t be easy to spot from a distance, but each one is located atop a hill or mountain, giving you an idea of where to look. We’ve marked the three easiest telescope locations below.

  • Atop the mountain southwest of Dusty Depot, near the center of the island
  • Atop a hill in the desert southwest of Moisty Palms
  • Atop a snowy hill southeast of Shifty Shafts

How To Complete The Challenge

Once you know where to look, completing this challenge is simply a matter of going to the right location, then using a dance emote in front of the telescope. As previously mentioned, you’ll need to dance in front of all three telescopes for your progress to count, and they’re spread just far enough apart to make trekking between them in a single round inconvenient, so the easiest way to complete this challenge will likely be to dance at one, get eliminated, then jump into another round and repeat the process until you’ve checked off all three.

Once you’ve completed all seven of Week 8’s Storm Racers challenges, you’ll unlock a set of more difficult Prestige challenges. The Prestige version of this particular task asks you to dance at two of the telescopes in a single match; your best bet for completing that is to head to the telescopes near Dusty Depot and Shifty Shafts, as they’re the closest together.

Season 10 of Fortnite ends on October 6, according to Epic Games’ website, so you have until then to complete any outstanding challenges from this season. If you need help with any tasks, we’ve rounded up tips and guides for all the trickier missions from this season in our Fortnite Season 10 challenges hub.

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