Fortnite Week 10 Guide: Where To Launch Through Flaming Hoops (Season 8 Challenge)

Fortnite Season 8 continues apace, with another new set of challenges available on PS4, Xbox One, PC, Switch, and mobile devices. Usually the majority of these tasks are simple enough to understand and can be completed through the regular course of playing a handful of matches. Others require a little more nuance and knowledge of where to go, or in some cases, aim. One of this week’s challenges has you fire yourself out of a cannon through flaming hoops like a circus performer.

To complete the mission, just find the three flaming hoops scattered across the map and fire yourself out of one of this season’s pirate cannons to reach them. You can go hunting across the map yourself, but we’ve outlined their general locations below if you want a shortcut. In broad terms, you can find them near Lazy Lagoon, near the giant volcano, and by Salty Springs.

Lazy Lagoon – The Lazy Lagoon hoop is floating above the pirate ship, and accessible with the cannon facing the ship. You’ll need to aim quite a bit higher than the hoop for the arc of your shot to reach it, though. Try lining up your shot with the top of the volcano.

Giant Volcano – From there, you’ll be well positioned to run to the south of the volcano and use the cannon in the pirate camp there to aim for the flaming hoop. You don’t need to aim as high this time, so just slightly above the hoop will be enough to hit your target.

Salty Springs – Finally, head for the pirate camp outside of Salty Springs, and make sure to break the wooden obstruction that’s blocking your shot. As in the last shot, aim just slightly above the hoop to make it through.

This new set of challenges accompanied the game’s 8.51 update, which includes bug fixes along with a new Shadow Bomb item that makes you temporarily invisible to enemies. While you’re invisible, you also get enhanced speed and double jumps for extra mobility. You can also still take part in the ongoing Avengers Endgame LTM, which lets you equip some special superheroic weapons and earn themed rewards.

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