Free Samurai Shodown Season Pass Available Now–Even If You Don’t Own The Game (US)

If you have even the slightest inkling that you might ever want to play the newly-revived Samurai Shodown fighting game, head over to the US PlayStation Store: this week anyone can get the season one DLC pass for free, even if they don’t yet own the game itself. Normally $20, the season one pass is free from now through 8 AM PT / 11 AM ET on July 2. If you’re then eager to see those weapons clashing, you can save $10 when you buy the game itself from Amazon US.

Get the Samurai Shodown season 1 pass on PS4 for free »

Just released on June 25, Samurai Shodown is actually the 12th main entry in the eponymous fighting game series from Japanese developer SNK. The games have released on a variety of platforms, but most iconically on SNK’s own Neo Geo. The series traditionally simplifies the often-complex combo-focused dueling of other fighting games into an accessible, but nuanced system of timing and anticipation. This latest iteration is no different, refreshing the still-solid basic mechanics with vivid graphics that are reminiscent of Street Fighter V.

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