Games With Gold October 2019: New Free Xbox One Games Announced

September is drawing to a close, which means it’s time for a new batch of free games for Xbox Live Gold members. This month’s Games With Gold freebies include, as usual, two Xbox One and two Xbox 360 games, and the first pair of games will be available starting on October 1.

First up is Tembo the Badass Elephant, a 2015 2D side-scrolling platformer released on Xbox One. You’ll control an elephant called Tembo, who can smash into objects, stomp on enemies and tanks, use water in his trunk to put out fires, and more as he makes his way through Shell City, intent on stopping a military force called the Phantom. Tembo the Badass Elephant will be free all month long.

The other free game available at the start of the month is Bolt, which is based on Disney’s 2008 animated film. The single-player adventure game follows superdog Bolt and Penny as they undertake missions, with Bolt using his various powers, like Superbark and Laser Eyes, to battle enemies. This Xbox 360 game is available to play on Xbox One due to backward-compatibility, and it’ll be free until October 15.

Then, halfway through the month, you’ll get access to Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor’s Edge, an action-adventure Xbox 360 game starring Ryu Hayabusa, the master ninja from the previous Ninja Gaiden games. An upgraded rerelease of Ninja Gaiden 3, Razor’s Edge introduces a host of new playable characters, who each bring their own unique ninja abilities. This game is also available on Xbox One due to backward-compatibility, and it’ll be free from October 16 to 31.

Friday the 13th: The Game is the fourth and final free game available for Xbox Live Gold members next month. This third-person survival horror game allows for up to eight people to play in one session, with seven people controlling camp counselors and another person controlling serial killer Jason Voorhees. Friday the 13th: The Game will be available for free on Xbox One for a full month, from October 16 to November 15.

Don’t forget you can still claim September’s free Games With GoldHitman: The Complete First Season and Tekken Tag Tournament 2 are available until September 30, and We Were Here is available through October 15.

Free Games With Gold, October 2019

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