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Xbox One S (With Disc Drive) On Sale For $175 With Free Shipping

With Project Scarlett launching late next year, the Xbox One is nearing the end of its lifespan, which means current Xbox models are slowly starting to dip in price. If you’ve been looking to pick up an Xbox One S for yourself or someone else, now may be the best time to do it (at least until the holidays), as it’ll cost you only $175 to pick up the console this week if you claim MassGenie’s latest Power Deal. From now until July 29 (or until the deal sells out), the Xbox One S will be discounted at that price, and only 200 units are available as part of the deal, so don’t wait if you’re interested.

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See Xbox One S deal at MassGenie

In case you’ve never ordered anything from MassGenie before, here’s how it works: Either click the Power Deal button on the product page (ignore the countdown clock; it resets every 24 hours) or hit the button above. You’ll be asked to either log in or create a free account (there’s no guest checkout for Power Deals). After that, you’ll be redirected to checkout to fill out your billing and shipping information, and you’ll see promo code MXBOXOS1TB automatically applied, dropping the price to $175.

That discount puts it a full $75 cheaper than the Xbox One S All-Digital Edition, which is essentially the same console without a disc drive to play physical discs. The Xbox One S supports HDR and 4K video streaming (assuming you have a 4K TV), although games played on the Xbox One S will be displayed in upscaled 4K rather than native 4K, the latter of which is limited to the Xbox One X.

It’s also worth mentioning you can currently get a $50 Xbox gift card for only $42.50 at MassGenie now through July 31 (or until sold out). You’ll receive the digital code via email, and it’ll also be the tracking ID in your order history. The gift card can be used on digital games, movies, TV shows, and more on Xbox and Windows.

These deals come on the heels of Amazon Prime Day, which offered a wide range of Xbox One deals last week (although this is still one of the best prices on a standalone Xbox One S we’ve seen). If you’re interested in an Xbox One X, you can still get one for only $314 for a limited time at Google Express. Plus, be sure to check out more leftover Prime Day deals still available.

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Overwatch Confirms Sigma Is Hero 31 With Story Teaser

Overwatch has been teasing an impending announcement, and all signs pointed to it being Sigma, the rumored Hero 31. That has been confirmed today, with a story trailer that sheds more light on the mysterious scientist.

Hero 31 is indeed Sigma, though “hero” is a pretty loose term. The trailer makes him seem downright supervillainous, complete with an ambitious experiment gone horribly wrong. It isn’t long before Sigma’s mind is severely disturbed and he’s monologuing about harnessing the power of the universe. It seems like a safe guess that he’s not exactly on the side of the good guys.

The trailer didn’t indicate when exactly we’ll see Sigma become a playable character, but the wait between the story trailer for Baptiste, the last hero to join the roster, and when he became playable was very short. That means Sigma’s arrival could be imminent.

Meanwhile, Blizzard is testing a new Role Queue feature that revises competitive matchmaking. Rather than simply pick a hero, you pick a role type and you’re matched into a game with two of each type. The feature will roll out into a beta on August 13. The game is also hosting its ongoing Summer Games event, with special summer-themed cosmetics and skins.

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Pokemon Go’s One Piece Crossover Event Now Live

Pokemon Go‘s July Community Day may be over, but a new event is now underway in the hit Pokemon mobile game. Right now, players around the world can catch a Pikachu wearing a straw hat as part of a special One Piece collaboration event, but you’ll need to act quickly, as the Pokemon will only be available for a limited time.

The special straw hat Pikachu will appear in the wild until 1 PM local time on July 29. Additionally, Niantic will be offering matching straw hat avatar items for your trainer through the in-game Style Shop. Meanwhile, players in Japan will be able to visit statues of Luffy and other One Piece characters across Kumamoto Prefecture, which will serve as special PokeStops. You can read more details on the official Pokemon Go website.

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In addition to the One Piece collaboration event, Armored Mewtwo is still appearing in Raid Battles around the world for a few more days. The Legendary Psychic Pokemon will serve as a five-star Raid boss until July 31. This version differs from a standard Mewtwo in a few ways. Not only is it donning the armor it wears in the new Mewtwo Strikes Back: Evolution movie, it also boasts different stats and a different movepool than a typical Mewtwo.

In other Pokemon Go news, Niantic recently rolled out a new update that completely overhauled the game’s appraisal system. Now when you appraise a Pokemon, you’ll see details about when and where you captured the monsters, as well as a clear overview of its Attack, Defense, and HP stats, with a one- to three-star rating signifying its overall potential. You can see the full patch notes for the update on the App Store.

Intriguingly, the patch notes for the newest Pokemon Go update also mention Team Rocket, suggesting the villainous team will begin appearing in the game soon. It appears players will be able to battle Team Rocket grunts and capture the “Shadow” Pokemon they leave behind. It’s unclear how this will work in Pokemon Go, but a similar mechanic appeared in Pokemon Colosseum for GameCube, which tasked players with rescuing dark Shadow Pokemon from villains and then “purifying” them by using them in battle.

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