Gears 5’s Hamilton Easter Egg Is A Real Treat

Gears 5 features an extended Easter Egg that is very clearly inspired by and in reference to Lin-Manuel Miranda’s blockbuster Broadway play Hamilton. In a sequence in the game’s Act I: The Tide Turns chapter, JD Fenix and company escape the Swarm and find themselves in the “Palace Theatre,” which is currently hosting a play called “Embry.”

Nassar Embry is an important historical politician and the founder of the Coalition of Ordered Governments in the Gears of War universe. So basically he is the Gears of War franchise’s equivalent of Alexander Hamilton, or something like that.

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The play “Embry” is Gears of War’s take on Hamilton, and the Easter Egg is very in-depth. There is even a secret collectable you can find that contains the lyrics to a song called “Nassar Embry (That’s My Name),” which is very clearly the Gears take on the song “Hamilton” that opens the play. You can read the lyrics and sing along to the tune of “Hamilton.”

What’s more, once you make your way through the dressing rooms you’ll reach the stage. It’s presented like the actual iconic Hamilton stage, featuring a wraparound wooden set and even a rotating section like the actual production. Even better, when the fighting breaks out, the music breaks from the franchise’s tradition and takes on a more theatrical score. And you can stand on the rotating stage and fight as you move around the circle. It’s really great.

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Gears 5 launches on September 10, but people who buy the Ultimate edition or subscribe to Xbox Game Pass can start playing on September 6. For lots more, check out GameSpot’s livestream of Gears 5’s campaign here.

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