Gears Of War Boss Clears Up Confusion About The Movie

Rod Fergusson of Gears of War developer The Coalition recently spoke about the Gears of War movie, saying it’s set in an “alternate reality” separate from the game series. Some fans worried that this meant it wouldn’t really be a Gears of War movie, but now Fergusson has spoken up to clear up the confusion. He explained to IGN that the movie exists outside of the game canon, so what happens in the movie doesn’t affect the game series and vice versa.

“I’m not going to say what’s going to happen in the story, all I’m saying is by saying it’s ‘alternate reality’ I’m not saying it doesn’t have game characters in it. I’m just saying it’s not in the game canon,” he explained. “Something that happens in the movie doesn’t affect the games. Something that happens in the games doesn’t affect the movie. Either way.”

Fergusson added that this doesn’t mean Marcus Fenix won’t be in the movie. Officially, plot details for the movie are a secret.

Guardians of the Galaxy actor Dave Bautista has said he wants to play Marcus Fenix, and Fergusson agrees that Bautista would be great for the role. However, casting decisions are out of his hands.

“Dave is great. I think Dave would be awesome in that role. Unfortunately I don’t have casting control of what we do with that and whether we have the character that he would play,” he said.

Whatever the case, Fergusson said it’s exciting that someone of Bautista’s caliber is interested in being in the Gears of War movie. Fergusson went on to say that the movie’s producers have told him that actors have reached out seeking roles in the movie. He teased that people you wouldn’t necessarily think about have inquired about roles.

Also in the interview, Fergusson talked more about how the Gears of War movie has to be a good movie first and a Gears movie second. “I think that’s one of the places where video game movies make the mistake; they try to be so true to fan service and so true to what the game is that they lose the notion of that it actually has to be a really good story with really good characters,” he said.

The Gears of War movie has gone through multiple writers, and a new draft is being worked on now, Fergusson said, though he didn’t say who the writer is. F. Scott Frazier (xXx: Return of Xander Cage) was hired to write a draft of the script in November 2018.

The Gears of War movie has been in various stages of development for 12 years already. The Lord of the Rings studio New Line Cinema purchased the rights to make a movie based on the game originally back in 2007, but in October 2016, Microsoft confirmed that the Gears of War movie was in the works with Universal Pictures.

No director has been announced for the movie. The late Tony Scott, who directed Top Gun and Man On Fire, reportedly wanted to direct the Gears of War movie.

The next game is Gears 5 which launches in September for Xbox One and PC. At E3, Microsoft showed off a brand-new mode called Escape. You can see 10 minutes of gameplay from Escape in the video above.

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