Getting Started In Minecraft

Getting Started In Minecraft

Getting started in Minecraft may seem daunting, but do not get discouraged! TheFaxFox is here to help by writing this small 3-4 steps guide. By following the information provided, you’ll be playing very soon!

  1. Buy Minecraft
  2. Press Create New World
  3. Take A Look Around
  4. Survive Your First Night

Buy Minecraft

You’ll have to be online to purchase Minecraft, but not to play.

Head over to and register an account. Now you can either purchase the game or download it to test before buying.

Don’t purchase the game everywhere else; due to the prevalence of Minecraft, it has brought numerous scammers and copycats.

Launch the app; it will request that you log in. In case you haven’t paid, you may only have the ability to play at a restricted demo mode, but that is more than sufficient to have a sense of the game.

You will notice a listing of saved games, which is empty at this moment.

Press Create New World

You’ll be asked to provide a name for the entire world (this may be changed later if you don’t enjoy it) and select a game style.

Create New World In Minecraft

Game Modes In Minecraft


Here is the”normal version” of this sport. You’ll have to fight monsters and find food to live, and farm or find tools to craft things and assemble items. There are numerous difficulties that you can choose. Should you die, you’ll respawn and continue.


This mode is only for constructing items. Monsters will not attack you personally, and you’ve got access to all of the tools you could desire.


You only have one life; should you die, that is it and whatever you’ve constructed is missing.

There is a button stating More Options that we can ignore for now. Press Produce New World and the computer will create your very first world and put you inside.

Take A Look Around

You should see something like this:

Minecraft First Look

Trees, grass, possibly a few animals or water. Or you may be at a desert or even a mountain covered in snow. Whatever the situation, it’s early morning, and you get an entire day before you. At night, creatures will come out, and you are going to want to have ready a shelter of some type by then.

Take a look at the controllers in your settings as you will want to move about and do things.

Survive Your First Night

Assuming you are in Survival mode, you’ve got 10 minutes to prepare for nightfall. Otherwise, monsters will kill you. Stay tuned for the next Minecraft guide on how to survive your first night.

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