Ghost Recon: Breakpoint Drone Guide — How To Deal With The Wolves’ Pesky Drones

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Breakpoint has plenty of challenging enemies to fight, who each demand you to be at your tactical best. Compared to its predecessor, enemies are far more intelligent and organized. Aside from the special ops-trained Wolves unit, one of the most significant additions to the enemy roster are drones, and gosh, are they a handful.

If you play stealth, the best way to avoid these mechanical headaches is to cover yourself with Cloaking Spray, which can make you invisible to them for a limited time. However, if you didn’t choose the Panther class, then this repellant isn’t available until after you complete the side mission called “Cover Up”–which is given to you by Skell scientist Christina Cromwell.

You can only meet Cromwell after you rescue Jace Skell and take him back to Erewhon. That said, the version of the Cloaking Spray you’re given lasts 30 seconds instead of a full-minute and offers +10% Drone Evasion instead of +100%. We highly recommend unlocking the Panther class if you’re ever considering tackling a mission stealthily.

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Your only other option for taking out Drones “quietly” is waiting for it to get to a side of the map that isn’t populated by guards. A well-placed shot from a powerful sniper rifle should suffice, but still, cross your fingers that the resulting explosion doesn’t alert the opposition. It’s not the best, but there are simply no guaranteed options to incapacitating them silently.

If you don’t mind fighting drones directly and alerting everyone around you, then stock up on EMP grenades and rockets. Ground drones can’t access elevated positions, so it’s best to attack from there to inhibit their capabilities. For the more powerful drones, it’s best to cheese it and use an attack helicopter with rockets to destroy them, especially if you’re under-leveled.

In Breakpoint, drones are a constant headache no matter the approach you choose to take, but it’s best to be prepared. If you find any other useful tactics, let us know in the comments below. Otherwise, we’ll be updating this guide with more findings in the coming days.

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