Grab This Free PC Game For A Limited Time

The latest freebie from Epic Games is the real-time strategy title Bad North. The Raw Fury-published tactics game is free to download on the Epic Games Store until November 29.

Bad North is an RTS that combines action and rogue-lite elements wrapped in a Viking setting. The game’s goal is to defend against a Viking army while helping the islanders evacuate. The Jotunn Edition, which is being offered for free by the Epic Games Store, adds a bevy of new content, including four new items, selectable hero traits, rebalanced abilities, and more.

While Bad North has just been added to the Epic Games Store’s free games vault, the game made its way to Xbox Game Pass this September, alongside Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night, Dirt Rally 2.0, and others.

November saw a smorgasbord of indie games offered through the Epic Games Store. At the start of the month, the company put Nuclear Throne and Ruiner up for grabs until November 14. Following that, the Metroid-inspired The Messenger was available to download until November 21. Bad North is the company’s latest free game, which will be replaced by Rayman Legends come the end of the month.

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