Luigi’s Mansion 3 Black Friday Deals: Get Luigi’s Latest Spooky Adventure For $48

One of Nitendo’s major first-party games for 2019 is Luigi’s Mansion 3, which brings the franchise back to a Nintendo console for the first time since the original Gamecube game. It, along with Pokemon Sword and Shield, Astral Chain, Super Mario Maker 2, and Fire Emblem: Three Houses round out Nintendo’s lineup, most of which are hard to find for cheap. That said, you can save some cash on Luigi’s latest adventure at Ebay and Walmart right now.

Luigi's Mansion 3 Black Friday deals haven't been announced, but you can still save by shopping at Walmart.

Luigi’s Mansion 3 Black Friday deals haven’t been announced, but you can still save by shopping at Walmart.

Luigi’s Mansion 3 — $49.94 (in-store only)

For most of the year, Walmart has routinely discounted new games, including Luigi’s Mansion 3, to $50 at launch. Unfortunately, the $10-off deal is usually only available in-store. If you click the link above, you’ll notice that Walmart’s website has Luigi’s Mansion 3 for the regular retail price of $60, so you’ll have to brave a trip to a physical store to pick up your copy.

As far as online deals go, a large and reputable Ebay seller has brand new, sealed copies of Luigi’s Mansion 3 on sale for $48. You’ll get free shipping, guaranteed by December 2, if you order from Ebay. We should note that UK box art is shown in the listing, but orders ship from California. It seems likely that the box art is just a mistake. Even if it happens to be the UK version, it’ll still work in North American Switch consoles.

Outside of Walmart’s in-store price and the current Ebay deal, it’s not looking like any major retailers will have discounts on Luigi’s Mansion 3 this Black Friday. Walmart, Best Buy, and Target have already released their ads, and GameStop has revealed some early Black Friday deals. Luigi’s Mansion 3 hasn’t shown up in any of them. We don’t know the North American Eshop Black Friday deals just yet, but the UK Black Friday sale doesn’t feature Luigi’s Mansion 3 either.

We’d recommend keeping an eye on Amazon, as the retailer will likely have waves of deals throughout Black Friday weekend. But considering the fact that Amazon routinely copies other retailers when it comes to game sales, we wouldn’t say a Luigi’s Mansion 3 discount is particularly likely at Amazon.

The charming Switch adventure earned an 8/10 in our Luigi’s Mansion 3 review. Reviewer Kevin Knezevic called Luigi’s Mansion 3 “perhaps the best installment in the series yet,” praising it for the numerous new mechanics and more open structure. While the controls can sometimes get in the way of the joyous experience, Last Resort Hotel is filled with clever puzzles, fun ghost encounters, and a treasure trove of hidden collectibles.

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