Minecraft Farming Basics

Minecraft Farming Basics

Farming is a significant part of Minecraft if you would like to prevent starving to death. Most farming could be achieved either outside or indoors/underground so long as you supply enough lighting. If you spend a lot of your time underground, then it is well worth contemplating doing your farming close to your base of operations.

In order to learn the Minecraft farming basics, TheFaxFox has written this short guide to help you keep playing!

What To Farm First

The very first thing you are going to want to farm would be wheat, which is easily collected by hitting grass. You will also want to collect any eggs that you find to begin a chicken farm.

As soon as you’ve got wheat, you are going to have the ability to boost your chicken farming and move on to cows and sheep.

Melons and pumpkins are great, but you can not grow them till when you’ve discovered a few seeds. Exactly the same for carrots and potatoes, plant them once you find them.

Pigs might need to wait till after you create a carrot farm.

Minecraft Wheat

Farming Wheat

Wheat is fantastic for producing bread; you will also require wheat until you’re able to farm cows, sheep or pigs, also it helps with cows.

First, you may require seeds — you can receive these by dividing cubes of long grass. You’ll also receive more seeds once you crop your wheat, which means you only want a few to start.

Planting Your First Wheat Harvest

Plant your seeds and wait for them to develop. Put a torch beside your plants, so they can keep growing in the nighttime and are ready sooner.

You’ll know the wheat is ready as it turns a golden color. When you crop your wheat, you’ll find the wheat thing (for example cooking or feeding to cows and sheep) and more seeds than you started with!

Farming Chickens

Chickens provide feathers for creating arrows, meat for meals, and eggs, which are used to make pumpkin pie or even cake.

Create A Chicken Farm

Collect eggs while you explore your world. When you have twenty or so, it is worth creating a chicken coop.

Minecraft Farm Animals - Cow, Chicken, Sheep, Pig

Farming Cows, Sheep & Pigs

Sheep, cows and pigs can be bred in captivity, to offer you wool, leather and meat. You are going to want wheat before you begin.

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Minecraft Jack o'Lantern

Farming Melons and Pumpkins

Melons and pumpkins grow from seeds which you might see in dungeon chests. Pumpkins can also be seen growing wild and turned in to seeds.

Melons are a useful food supply. Pumpkins may be worn as helmets, and also may be made into Jack’o’Lanterns.

Farming MushroomsMinecraft Mushroom

Mushrooms are a terrific food, but because they grow slowly and in low density, they are hard to farm. The very best way to increase mushrooms would be to use bonemeal fertilizer to flip them into Enormous Mushrooms.

Farming Trees

Trees are among the essential sources in Minecraft. There’s several reasons to farm trees instead of just chopping forests down.

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Minecraft Sugar Cane

Farming Sugar Cane

Sugar cane is also an important source, not only for creating cakes but also for producing paper.

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