NBA 2K20 Black Friday Deals 2019 – 50% Off Deal, Great Console Bundles, And More

Black Friday 2019 brings with a ton of major deals on most of the year’s biggest games, and NBA 2K20, 2K’s latest version of the basketball sim, is no different. We’re seeing discounts of over 50% over the Thanksgiving weekend, and you can get in on the deal on PS4, Xbox One, and Switch. The lowest price we’ve seen is currently at Walmart. There are also some cool console bundles you might want to get in on.

NBA 2K20 (PS4, XBO, Switch) – $27 at Walmart

NBA 2K20 | $27 ($60)

Walmart has the PS4, Xbox One, and Switch versions for $27, which is the lowest price we’ve seen on the game so far.

Console bundles

Xbox One X bundle with NBA 2K20 – $350 at the Microsoft Store

Xbox One X – NBA 2K20 Hyperspace bundle | $350 ($500)

This Xbox One X bundle comes with a digital copy of NBA 2K20 and a special-edition Hyperspace Xbox One X and controller, which feature a unique paint splash design. The bundle also includes one-month trials for Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Live Gold.

Xbox One S bundle with NBA 2K20 – $200 at the Microsoft Store

Xbox One S – NBA 2K20 bundle | $200 ($300)

The Xbox One S bundle comes with everything the Xbox One X bundle does, except the special edition console. This bundle comes with a regular, white Xbox One S, but you still get the digital copy of NBA 2K20, a controller, and the one-month trials for Game Pass and Xbox Live Gold. Microsoft is selling this bundle for $200.

NBA 2K20 VC deals

NBA 2K20 VC Holiday bundle – $20 at Walmart

NBA 2K20 75,000 VC Holiday Bundle | $20

This special NBA 2K20 VC holiday bundle comes with 75,000 VC as well as in-game cosmetic items. Those include a Red Santa hat, Christmas backpack, Christmas-themed mural for your MyCourt, and an exclusive ugly sweater. Walmart has the bundle for $20 until December 31.

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NBA 2K30 VC Bundles | 10% Off

If you want a little more choice over how much VC you buy, GameStop is offering a 10% discount on all VC cards right now.

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Xbox One


In GameSpot’s NBA 2K20 impressions, critic Kevin Wong wrote about how the new game’s story mode attempts to have a social conscience, leaving behind the awkward attempts at humour and “hip” dialogue of previous entries. While it doesn’t quite stick the landing, Wong wrote that the basketball gameplay is still as great as it always is.

“Is it even possible to have a truly woke narrative in a game so relentlessly money and fame-driven? Perhaps not.” Wong wrote. “But NBA 2K20 asks you to accept this melding at face value. That’s impossible, but thankfully, there’s a legacy of NBA 2K quality that makes the reconciliation less important. The story and how it’s told don’t hold up to scrutiny. But the gameplay, honed from years of incremental development and effort, always does. NBA 2K20 is, even in its contradictions, an excellent facsimile of the NBA itself.”

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