New Apex Legends Update Patches Charge Rifle

Respawn has announced a new update for Apex Legends is going live. The update addresses several issues that players have expressed since the launch of Season 3: Meltdown and the transition from Kings Canyon to World’s Edge. The full patch notes haven’t been revealed yet.

The big change in the update is adjustments to the Charge Rifle, Apex Legends’ newest weapon. A powerful energy sniper rifle, the Charge Rifle has proven to be a dominant force in Respawn’s battle royale. This nerf has been expected, as, last week, Respawn announced it was coming.

“We want to be thoughtful in the way we make changes for it,” Respawn community manager Jay Frechette said during the first episode of Apex Devstream. “So with the Charge Rifle, this won’t be a [straight-forward] damage nerf. We’ll be increasing the amount of ammo that is used per shot, changing the mag size for it, and also bringing in a bit of the falloff damage.”

Though the Charge Rifle nerf is a necessary change for Apex Legends–that gun is way too powerful–the most welcome change in the new update is for quips. Season 3 added a quip wheel to Apex Legends, allowing you say any of a character’s unlocked intro or kill quips whenever you want. If other squads are within earshot, they’ll hear the quip too. Trolls soon discovered–I assume to their delight–that you could say quips while in the dropship, and so they would spam the same phrases over and over, turning the dropship into an annoying cacophony of voices. Now that’s gone. Finally.

The update also addresses “initial circle issues” but without patch notes that’s too vague to know what’s exactly been altered.

from GameSpot – Game News

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