New MMO Elements Come To Switch/PC Game A Hat In Time

Gears for Breakfast’s throwback action-platformer, A Hat in Time, has received a new DLC some months after launching on Nintendo Switch. Nyakuza Metro, available now on Nintendo Switch and PC, introduces several discoverable timepieces, additional outfits and dyes, and more.

Alongside the new additions to A Hat in Time, the Nyakuza Metro DLC features a brand-new online party mode. Online party lets you play with up to 50 other players in an MMO-style setting, where griefing and pairing with each other is par for the course. Additionally, Nyakuza Metro includes a brand-new sticker system that can be used as emotes and to customize your weapon.

Nyakuza Metro is free to those who backed the game on Kickstarter. Everyone else can purchase the DLC on the Eshop or Steam for $7 USD. There’s no confirmation on whether Nyakuza Metro will be available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

We gave A Hat in Time a 7/10 in our review, saying, “A Hat in Time is slow to start, but it’s brimming with the charm and collectible-finding joy of classic 3D platformers. The platforming isn’t particularly challenging, nor does it do anything especially new, but A Hat in Time’s cleverly themed worlds and witty quips lend it a more contemporary feel that’s just right for satisfying a 3D platforming craving.”

from GameSpot – Game News

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