New Path Of Exile 3.9 Expansion, Conquerors Of The Atlas, Announced

At ExileCon today, Grinding Gear Games announced more details on Path of Exile‘s upcoming 3.9.0 expansion. Called “Conquerors of the Atlas,” the expansion adds a new endgame story, upgradeable maps, and new skills. Specifically, there are new bow skills and support gems on the way.

There are also “Support Gem Plus” items coming to Path of Exile, which are even more powerful.

Conquerors of the Atlas launches on December 13. You can watch the official trailer above. This was just one of the big expansions from ExileCon, following from the reveal of Path of Exile 2.

Disclosure: Grinding Gear Games is paying for GameSpot’s flight and accommodation in Auckland, New Zealand to attend ExileCon.

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