Nintendo Direct E3 2019 And Event Schedule Announced

Nintendo has announced its plans for E3, once again including a pair of tournaments and a special Nintendo Direct presentation in lieu of a formal press conference. The Nintendo Direct will detail its plans for Nintendo Switch throughout 2019.

The Direct presentation will kick off on June 11 at 9 AM PT–the morning the E3 show floor opens, as usual. After that, Nintendo will follow up with its three days of Treehouse streams, which often include developer chats revolving around the games revealed during the presentation.

Before any of that happens, though, Nintendo is planning two game tournaments for the weekend prior to E3. First on June 8 at 11 AM PT, the company will host the Splatoon 2 World Championships. Then, once that wraps up around 2 PM PT, the company will host a Super Smash Bros. Ultimate World Championship tournament, composed of 3v3 teams.

The announcement didn’t detail what is on Nintendo’s slate for this year’s presentation, but given that it focuses on 2019 it’s likely that both Pokemon Sword and Shield and Animal Crossing Switch will be on tap. Super Mario Maker 2 and Fire Emblem: Three Houses could also be shown, but those are both summer releases that will be just weeks from release during E3.

One game that’s unlikely to make an appearance is Metroid Prime 4, which reportedly restarted development under Retro Studios earlier this year.

Nintendo hasn’t removed itself from E3 entirely like Sony, but it was among the first major platform holders to eschew a press conference in favor of a streaming presentation. Sony appears to be announcing its lineup of titles through a series of State of Play streams, one of which is scheduled for today, May 9. Microsoft, meanwhile, promises to “go big” at E3 and says we’ll start to see some projects from its newly acquired studios.

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