Nintendo Switch Lite Gets Official Flipcover That Makes It More DS-Like

Nintendo made some smart improvements to the Switch design with the release of the Switch Lite, but making it handheld-only may accent some of the lingering differences between it and its predecessors. If you want your Switch to be more like a DS system, Nintendo has just the accessory.

An official Switch Lite Flip Cover and Screen Protector is available to purchase online starting December 8, and in stores in 2020. It will cost $40. The item gives your Switch Lite a fold-over cover from the DS and 3DS families of systems, albeit with little nubbins for the analog sticks. It isn’t quite the same as having a handheld with a dedicated clamshell design with two screens, but it’s a nice elegant-looking way to keep your system covered and protected.

That’s if you’re all-in on the Switch as a handheld system, though, as the Switch Lite removes the docking functionality. The GameSpot Switch Lite review found that it’s an attractive little system, but thought that its missing features highlighted how well the original model balanced these different functions.

“If anything, I hope the Switch Lite is an indication of where Nintendo might go with its theoretical upgraded Switch model in the future,” Peter Brown wrote. “I don’t remember the last time I detached my Joy-Cons, and I constantly gripe over the fake d-pad whenever I have to use it. And after playing with the Switch Lite for an extended period of time, I now look at my standard Switch as being more fragile than ever. The Switch Lite has almost everything I’m looking for in a Switch–I just wished it lived up to its name.”

from GameSpot – Game News

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